10 Best Foods To Beat Arthritis

Arthritis is a life changer. For people afflicted with this illness, following doctor’s advice and prescriptions are the only options they have. However, it is not the case if you can protect yourself against this disease.

Characterized by the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints, arthritis is a major cause of chronic pain and ­mobility problems. However, a diet that reduces inflammation in the body could help, along with giving your overall health a lift.

The Wealth Foods

Luckily, there are superfoods available that can have positive impacts on your joints. Plus, they are just very easy to add to your diet. This includes having fruit and vegetables, a cup of green tea, and adding a bit more spice to your meals.

So, here are the top 10 great foods that can help you prevent arthritis or lessen the discomfort you feel every time it is bugging you.


Olive Oil

Using olive oil in your food can have an anti-inflammatory effect on your joints. This could reduce arthritis pain.

The most effective type is the extra virgin olive oil because it is least refined and is best for salad dressings. Olive oil is also a good fat and is the best for your heart.


Eating a range of fruits and vegetables is also key to reduce inflammation. So get as much color as possible on your plate.

Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes are rich in vitamin C. Having enough vitamin C in the body can help prevent inflammatory arthritis and maintain healthy joints for those who already have osteoarthritis.

Live Yogurt

Yogurt is a friendly food for your joints too! Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and live yogurt can increase the number of good bacteria in your gut. This allows the anti-inflammatory magic to work; hence easing the symptoms of arthritis.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, having good bacteria in your gut plays an important role in helping your immune system stay strong and managing inflammation.



Porridge is a great food that can help reduce arthritis aches. For example, eating oats reduces cholesterol and have a positive impact on arthritis pains.

Moreover, eating porridge in the morning is an excellent form of slow-release energy, setting you up for the day. Having gluten-free oats for breakfast is a good choice too since gluten can make arthritis symptoms disappear.


Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3, especially the oily ones. Some of the great choices are salmon, anchovies, herring, and trout, which can help in reducing inflammation associated with arthritis. However, if you do not like fish, then taking an Omega 3 supplement can be your option.


Having a good cup of tea is believed to reduce arthritis pain. Green tea is the best choice as it is packed with polyphenols, type of nutrients that reduces inflammation.

Moreover, green tea is full of antioxidants, which can slow down joint damage in people with rheumatoid arthritis. So, switching from your brewed coffee to a cup of tea won’t be a bad choice after all.


A study in the field of alternative medicine revealed that taking a turmeric supplement can improve pain and provide long-term mobility in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Examples of food with similar effects as turmeric are cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Just add a pinch of any of these in your meals and enjoy pain-free joints.


Good news for meat lovers for you can still eat your favorite steak. Considered as an excellent source of iron, steak is believed to reduce joint inflammation, especially in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.



In research done by King’s College in London, eating more garlic could lower your risk of developing arthritis altogether.

This is true to alliums, which include leeks and onions, as they limit the amount of cartilage-damaging enzymes in the body. Hence, adding garlic in your meal could be the best way to get allium into your diet.

Whole Grain Bread

Whole grains can reduce the level of CRP (c-reactive protein) in the blood, which is an indication of inflammation in the body. Moreover, those who have diabetes and heart disease can benefit from eating whole grain bread.


Although these foods are proven to help reduce inflammation, it is still important that you consult your doctor’s advice about your routinary treatment.

However, if you are still planning to start having these in your diet and have some questions in mind, feel free to consult your dietician for more insights.


Overall, these foods are totally available in the market and putting a bit effort to stay healthy won’t cost you much. If you really want to take good care of your joints as soon as now and at the same time, stay healthy, then consider having these foods now in your meals.

Start by choosing the food you like the most and make it a part of your daily food. See? They will not just ease your joint pains but will also make you healthy.

Source: Mirror