10 Things That You Should Know If You Grew Up With Your Lolos And Lolas

Extended families are a common Filipino culture. Part of this deep value for family ties are grandchildren living with their grandparents. You call them Lolo and Lola as a beautiful tradition to show your love and respect.

The life growing up with Lolo and Lola

This article is dedicated to people who have been with their grandparents all their lives. If you grew up with your beloved Lolo and Lola, or at least have enough moments with them, then these 10 things might make you nod in full agreement.

1. They keep themselves busy with their favorite hobbies


Same as the playful children, they also get bored not doing their favorite activities. They are still active in doing sports, exercise, gardening, playing mahjong, playing tong-its, running a business, teaching at school, or serving at a fast-food chain.

There are too many to list, the point is they don’t like the idea of being idle. You might even hear this phrase from them, “apo ko, kalabaw lang ang tumatanda.”

2. They are conservative and value traditions


They lived their lives enough in an era of traditional values and conservative viewpoints. It is natural for them to impart to you their values and beliefs.

Besides, these so-called old-schooled traditional values of respect, modesty, kindness, and honesty will never grow old.

3. They are overprotective of your whereabouts


Your grandparents are no different from your parents. They can even be more protective asking you always of where you have been. You might get annoyed especially if they continue asking the same questions.

Understand that being overprotective is part of their nature.

4. They had a hard time understanding modern technology and social media


This might not apply to some grandparents. Some are always updating their Facebook wall using their smartphones.

But, for most Lolos and Lolas, learning the newest technology was not for them. They are still using the clanky keypad phones where you can type without looking at the screen while walking the street.

5. Their home-cooked meals are worth dying for


Your grandparents might not be renowned chefs, but for you, their home-cook meals have a world-class taste. You cannot wait to have these special meals as part of your Lolo and Lola’s labor of love.

6. They have a positive outlook in life


After going through a lot of troubles and struggles, you might get amazed at their positive outlook in life. They learned not to dwell on small and trivial things as these would not matter in the future.

They are not fond of overthinking life’s negativity. For them, the glass is always half full instead of half empty.

7. They sometimes treat you as their child


Having both the parents and the grandparents at the same roof is like having two sets of parents. Unfortunately, some even grow-up more with Lolos and Lolas more than their Nanays and Tatays.

They care for you, look out for you, love you, and even spoil you.

8. They can teach you their hard-earned wisdom and life advice


Having an elderly relative with three to four times of your age is a gift. Even before you were born, they had experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly side of life.

Listening to their stories, you can easily get valuable wisdom and advice. Their memories could give you a glimpse of what to expect living in an imperfect world. Their words are treasures that you can apply to your life.

9. They sometimes even protect you from your parents


Sometimes, your grandparents scolded your parents for scolding you. Your lovely Lolo and Lola are always there to take your side. You can count on them to rescue you during heated arguments with your Nanay or Tatay.

10. They love you as your parents do


No matter how stubborn and disobedient you are, they always have the patience to understand you. Like your parents, they care for you as their child.

Can you relate to the 10 things on the list?

You might not agree to all, but most likely, you can relate to most of them. Surely, you can agree that Lolos and Lolas are part of who you are today.

From the unconditional love they had given to you, you could not imagine what is life without them.

Source: When In Manila

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