5 Daily Challenges Pinoy Commuters In Metro Manila Can Relate To

For as long as you can remember, Metro Manila traffic seems an unsolvable problem for MMDA. It also means a daily struggle for Pinoy commuters.

You can relate to these 5 daily challenges as a commuter either you are going for work, school, shopping mall, or just planning for a stroll in Luneta Park.

1. It took one hour from Buendia to Ayala


If you commute inside Makati, it is common to travel from Buendia to Ayala for about an hour. For those in Quezon City, it takes also an hour to travel from SM North to Katipunan Avenue. Same duration with those commuting from Ortigas Extension in Rizal to Ortigas in Pasig.

A huge number of vehicles is a common reason, especially during rush hour. Sometimes, the roads are under construction. Heavy rain can also cause insane traffic.

There are times you got frustrated knowing these trips should have taken only about 30 minutes.

2. You binge-watch your favorite show while stuck on traffic

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You want to watch your favorite show at home while munching a snack. Unfortunately, you are stuck in traffic in the middle of the road.

So, you grab your smartphone to watch that show while still on commute. Sometimes, you even finished watching the show even before you arrive at your house.

You might not even realize you also learned a time management skill.

3. You unintentionally overhear the personal lives of your fellow commuters


Riding public passenger vehicles could either annoy or entertain you. The reason for this is when you overheard fellow commuters. Some are a group of people talking to each other as if they are in private conference meeting. At times, you can hear people talking to their phones loudly.

These overheard conversations bring you to a fascinating situation where you learned about their personal lives. With the information you gathered, you felt you know them enough to make an opinion about them.

4. Either you or other people take a snack break or even a full meal

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Another time management skill to learn is eating while on commute. Especially on a passenger bus, you might not have enough willpower to resist buying peanuts from hitchhiking vendors. Or, you prepare to bring your snacks.

From time to time, you sit beside someone eating a full meal. As a daily commuter, you now know how commuters deal with their aching stomach.

5. It took two or more rides for a one-way trip to your destination


Many times, just thinking about the process of going to your destination is discouraging. You took a tricycle ride, then a jeepney ride, and then a bus ride.

To avoid the long traffic of EDSA, you are forced to also ride either in LRT or MRT.

For the sake of being on time

For students and employees, going to the preferred destination almost every day is a hell of a challenge. You just want to live a decent life and have a better future so you tried your best to be on time.

For most employees, the demand for work is already stressful. With the added struggle for commute, they could not help themselves to doubt if it is worth all the effort.

Thus, they also demand the so-called work-life balance. Lacking this balance is the third most common reason employees leave their work.

As a Metro Manila commuter, can you relate or add more to the list?

Source: spot.ph

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