A Fourth Star On The Philippine Flag

Senator-elect Francis Tolentino proposes to add a fourth star to the Philippine flag to symbolize the future land of the Philippine people.

Flag history

The Philippine flag currently has three stars symbolizing the three principal islands of the Philippines where the revolutionary movement began: Luzon, Visayas (originally named Panay), and Mindanao.

The design was conceptualized by Emilio Aguinaldo and sewn by Marcela Mariño Agoncillo along with her daughters Lorenza and Delfina Natividad.

Celebrating a new freedom

While delivering his speech in Davao City on the celebration of the 121st Independence Day of the Philippines, Tolentino said, “I propose a fourth star to the Philippine flag. A fourth star to reflect the Benham Rise, the future Philippines, the future land of the next generation of Filipinos,”

Tolentino wanted to celebrate the new freedom that the Filipino people are currently experiencing. This includes freedom from illegal drugs, freedom from crime, corruption, and poverty and freedom to protect our environment.

Defacing history

But according to a history expert, this will impair the historical context of the Philippine flag.

There were already propositions before regarding updating the flag by adding an additional ninth ray of the sun to represent the Muslim community.

Xiao Chua, a historian and lecturer at the De La Salle University, believes that there is no need to change the Filipino flag. Changing it will not only destroy its historical context, the current design already represents and symbolizes the whole Filipino people and the country.

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