A Marawi Deployed Soldier Last Thoughts While Fighting For His Life

Sgt. George Biñas, a deployed soldier in Marawi, was shot in the leg paralyzing the lower part of his body. A shot that almost cost his life. His thoughts while battling for his life… his wife and children.

The Soldier on the Battlefield

The month-long conflict on the battlefield against the armed militant associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) was brutal. After being shot Srgt. Biñas was immobile and sprawled on the ground, one of his comrades dragged him to safety.

While being treated his superior told him “Good Job” and “You will make it” which in response he said, “Thank you, Sir”.

His Source of Strength

Srgt. Biñas is not only a soldier who fights for our country. He is also a husband and a father to his family.

He shared “Ang Pinakamahirap kong karanasan maam yung time na natamaan ako. Nagdadasal ako, yung sinabi ko Lord wag mo ko pabayaan Lord. Palaging tanong sa isip ko makakabalik pa kaya ako sa pamilya ko…na buhay”.

“Bilang ama Maam,sa naiwan ko pong pamilya,. Doon ako kumukuha ng lakas”.

Source : GMA News

A Wife of A Soldier

“Behind a successful man is a woman”. In this case, it is Dianne Biñas, the wife of Srgt Biñas. She shared his struggle on having a soldier for a husband. In the fear of losing him, he wanted him to come home.

“Gusto ko na siya patigilin,marami na namatay na sundalo. Paano naman kami kung wala siya?”

Kids naturally ask about their parents when they don’t see them often. She sees this as one of the hardest to explain to her kids.

“Kailangan siya ng mga bata,wala. Pag tatanungin ako ng mga bata, saan si papa? Wala..nagtratrabaho siya para sa amin para pagdating niya sa bahay hindi na siya kilala ng mga bata”.

She emphasized the need to be strong for your family and her only wish is for his husband to come home safely.

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Source : GMA Public Affairs

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