American Woman Arrested At NAIA For Hiding A 6-Day-Old Baby In Her Luggage

Around 6:20 in the morning last Wednesday, an American woman was arrested by Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) officers after she allegedly tried to hide a six-day-old baby in her luggage at the airport, as per the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

Infant Inside The Bag


The American woman named Jennifer Talbot, 43 years old, was caught with the baby hidden inside her oversized belt bag. She tried to fly the baby out of the country to the United States. She failed to declare nor present the infant to the immigration inspector during departure formalities according to the Bureau of Immigration deputy spokesperson Melvin Mabulac.

According to the authorities, the woman claimed she was the child’s aunt, but she has no documents to back it up, not even a passport. Talbot requested to speak to the US Embassy first according to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Suspicious Alibi


In another interview, Grifton Medina, Chief of Immigration Port Division said that Talbot presented an unsigned affidavit which states that the baby has a medical condition, but it is quite suspicious because the baby seemed like in perfect state. He also added that hiding the baby inside the luggage is already doubtful.

Child Trafficking Investigation

“The Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking will conduct an investigation if this is a case of trafficking and planning to charge her [Talbot] with child trafficking,” Medina added.

Journal Online

Grifton Medina said the baby is safe. He is currently in the care of the Social Welfare Department.

Source: CNN Philippines

Photo via: Philippine Star