An Old Vendor’s Elated Reaction After A Zip of His First Milk Tea Goes Viral

Dasmariñas, Cavite – A post from a milk tea shop’s Facebook page featuring photos of an old vendor’s first milk tea experience reaped abundant reactions and comments from the virtual community.

A Tale Of “Manlalako” – An Anecdote By Cabin Brew

Cabin Brew, the milk tea shop that posted the picture of the old vendor, also included in their post an anecdote entitled A Tale of “Manlalako”.

According to the story, a guy saw an old manlalako (street vendor) looking intently at Cabin Brew’s Menu. The guy asked Tatay (the old vendor) if the latter wanted a milk tea. Tatay replied that he’s only looking at it, saying that it’s only for the rich.

The guy offered to buy a milk tea for Tatay and asked the old man to choose a flavor from the menu. Tatay said he didn’t know what to pick, as everything looked delicious and he never tasted any of it before.

Cabin Brew’s Facebook Post

A little shy, Tatay even tried to pay for the tea, but the guy insisted that it’s his treat for the old man. Tatay eventually opted for Dark Choco and in return offered any item from the merchandise he is selling and told the generous guy it’s his treat this time.

Life’s Little Pleasures

Cabin Brew asked to photograph Tatay while holding his tall cup of milk tea just like the other customers of the shop. Tatay joyfully obliged, and Cabin Brew was able to capture Tatay’s adorable reactions while enjoying his first milk tea ever.

Cabin Brew’s Facebook Post

His priceless reactions were so pure that netizens were moved by his pictures. Tatay’s endearing photos showed a man who had faced adversities all throughout his life but still managed to be joyful and thankful for life’s little pleasures.

An Appeal To The Public

Tatay sells household merchandise like mops, food covers, hangers, buckets, basins, and others; and Cabin Brew made an appeal for street vendors like Tatay. They encouraged everyone to refrain from haggling with street vendors like him, saying that these hard-working people need support.

Cabin Brew’s Facebook Post

“They deserve more than a cup of milk tea,” Cabin Brew said, and netizens totally agreed.

Source: Cabin Brew’s Facebook Post