Animal Cruelty? Teen Allegedly Hung A Cat After Losing A Mobile Legends Game

A teenager is now in hot water after he posted a photo of a poor cat hung in a gate, with a caption saying that he lost his Mobile Legends game because of the cat. He also said that the cat will never have the chance to interfere with his online game from now on. Did he really kill the cat?

Disturbing Post

Netizens were outraged when a teenager by the name of Drexel Cruz posted a photo on Facebook showing a cat being hanged on a gate. It was a very disturbing sight as it clearly demonstrates cruelty to animals. Drexel’s caption made it more disturbing since he mentioned that the reason why he hung the cat was that it interfered with his Mobile Legends game.

Cruz also mentioned that the cat was disturbing him while he was playing the popular mobile game, causing him to lose his “rank”. He also posted additional comments saying that earning a higher rank in the game is more important than the life of a cat. It earned the ire of most netizens.

Netizens’ Outrage

The netizens couldn’t contain their anger and outrage over the teen’s behavior. Many commented that he will pay for his cruel act to the cat, and he might be in danger of going to jail for his actions. But the more the netizens denounce the teen’s actions, the more entertained he seems to become.

He started answering his bashers as if he enjoys the attention being given to him. His comments are sarcastic and he seems to like all the attention he is getting. He showed no remorse for the cat and even said that the game is more important than the cat’s life.

Fake Post

As it turned out, one of the netizens found out that the teener was not really responsible for hanging the cat. In fact, the teener just grabbed the photo from an international news website and made it look like he did it. He wanted the attention, and he was successful at getting it.

While Drexel Cruz may not be responsible for killing the cat, he is still responsible for posting such disturbing photos and may be accountable for it under the law. He is still in danger of being imprisoned for his irresponsible actions and his undesirable comments against the importance of an animal’s life.

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