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Capability Despite Disability – Filipino Companies Hiring Differently Abled People

Every year, the National Council on Disability Affairs is celebrating the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week. It is a week-long commemoration every third week of July to honor the late disabled Filipino hero, Apolinario Mabini.   This year 2019, is their 41st NDRP Week.

The legal basis

The Legal basis of this celebration is the Proclamation No. 1870 which declares the third week of July as the celebration of NDPR Week.

All institutions working on disability are mandated to plan and organize events and activities to create awareness about issues pertaining to disable people and encourage Filipinos to support differently-abled people to cater their abilities and strengths by allowing them to be exposed in equal opportunities.

Various organizations and government agencies are joining this celebration by hosting activities for disabled people which includes workshops, events and seminars, and different activities to boost their creativity, talents, and abilities.

Project Inclusion advocacies

Project Inclusion is a program by Unilab Foundation for the employment of Persons with Disability. With the right condition,  proper support and guidance, differently-abled people can contribute well to the workplace and community together with normal people.

Since 2013, Project Inclusion believed and proved that hiring persons with disabilities can be beneficial to the person and the entire organization. Their advocacy to improve the workplace by adding differently-abled people continue to increase awareness and gain greater appreciation on the side of persons with disability.

The video above shows how Project Inclusion challenged and invite companies to hire and embrace persons with disabilities in their workforce. It caters the reward of hiring differently-abled people.

Companies who dared to hire

Listed below are some of the companies who dared to hire and accepted persons with disabilities in their organization.

1.) Citihub

Capability Despite Disability – Filipino Companies Hiring Differently Abled People 1

Citihub offers safe, clean and affordable bed spaces for ordinary people who wish to have an economical place to stay, especially for low-income workers in Metro Manila.

United with Project Inclusion advocacy, Citihub hires and accepts persons with disabilities in their workforce. Currently, Citihub employs 16 people with disabilities according to the founder, Panya Boonsirithum.

2.) Southstar Drug

Capability Despite Disability – Filipino Companies Hiring Differently Abled People 2
Southstar Drug

The South star drug is a chain of drugstores in the Philippines and was established in 1937 as a small business venture engaged in the retail of Chinese herbal medicines.

The company empowered PWDs by allowing them to handle various job positions from front line services dealing with the public or administrative and clerical work at the office.

3.) Bounty-Agro Ventures, Inc.

Capability Despite Disability – Filipino Companies Hiring Differently Abled People 3
Chooks To Go

Who among people doesn’t know about Chooks-to-go? Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. is the company behind this franchise and other rotisserie brands in the Philippines.

Bounty-Agro Ventures, Inc. also gave chance to PWDs to contribute to their organization by allowing them to be part of their workforce. Currently, they have 2 PWDs working for them as a junior programmer and finance assistant.

4.) Caravan Food Group, Inc

Capability Despite Disability – Filipino Companies Hiring Differently Abled People 4

Caravan Food Group, Inc., is the parent company of rolled ice cream store Elait and donut shop OverDoughs. It is envisioned by the founder, Francis Reyes, to start a business that will hire people who the usual food entrepreneurs wouldn’t hire, and then this company was built.

Reyes’ goal to give equal chances and opportunities to Persons with disabilities really did a great impact on their customers. He considers the fulfillment of his PWDs employees as his biggest reward in running for the success of his business up to now.

Capability despite disability

Capability Despite Disability – Filipino Companies Hiring Differently Abled People 5
Indiana Daily Student

It is really unusual for most people to see differently-abled people working with normal people. Yet, having an open mind like what some of the companies above had proven shows how great these people can be.

Giving equal opportunities to them create awareness on how they can be valued and accepted. Let us all learn from them.

Source: How to 101

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