Depression: An Alarming Phase That Leads The Youth To Self Destruction

Do you often bond with your children?  What do you notice about their behavior?  Are they always silent?  Or do they tend to be moody at times?

Children of today, mostly teens, suffer from a battle within their emotions. It is a serious problem that may lead to something worse. 

Depression comes next if not given attention at all. It is the feeling of being sad and alone, trying to figure out things all by themselves. Eventually, it goes on and on making them feel more miserable inside.

Cause and Effect

The causes of depression are everywhere. These may come from home or school, seeing fights among parents and friends, being abused and bullied, feeling left out, and relationship breakups are serious matters that affect a child’s mind.

Having experiences like these cause them to have bottled up emotions. Without proper guidance or someone to confide with, it might upset them.

Either they will express it violently or be withdrawn that may result in uncontrollable weight loss or eat too much and bad sleeping habits. Even their grades in school may be terribly affected.

The worst outcome is engaging themselves in drug addiction and drinking alcohol. What’s more alarming is the latest rampant result of depression which is suicide.

Treat and Retreat

When they are depressed, they tend to be quiet and withdrawn from people. If this happens, parents must be aware of their children’s actions. Talk and bond with them. This helps in making them happy to avoid unwanted thoughts.

Doing some exercise also helps so it will be nice to urge them to do it with you. Prepare and serve healthy food for good mental health.

If their depression becomes more aggressive, encourage them to seek a doctor that will help them ease the feelings they have inside. This will help stop prolonging their misery.

Cure and Heal

The family should be the first ones to show genuine love and care for the child who is undergoing depression. The parents, most especially, are the ones who should recognize their child’s changing actions.

Showing affection by spending time and effort to listen to them is a big startup. This will generate trust from them to open up with you. A bond that starts inside your home, and it will help make a feeling of security in their environment where it greatly affects their personality and behavior.

Depression caused by pain and hatred will be cured and healed as long as they know that they have their family behind their back willing to catch them for every downfall that will arise.

Source : Better Health Channel

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