DILG States Possible Removal Of Metro Barangay Captains If Proven Complicit To Road Obstructions

Barangay captains had been given 5 days to respond and explain at DILG why they were not able to keep the roads clear. Failure to do so will lead to a recommendation for a suspension to the city council of Manila. However, if proven to have been an accomplice in illegal parking and sidewalk vending, they could be removed from their position.


Sample of the show cause order

On Tuesday, October 22, The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary for Barangay Affairs Martin Diño presented a sample of the show cause order. 

He said in his briefing that 99 barangay captains in the city of Manila would receive a show-cause order for failing to keep roads free from obstructions asking to respond within 5 days after the issuance.


Barangay Captains are responsible for maintaining the clearing operations

It does not mean that specific barangays in their mandates are free, although their cities and municipalities are given passing marks in the road clearing operations.

He also said that barangay captains are responsible for maintaining the clearing operations done in coordination with the MMDA, PNP, and the mayor’s office.


Suspension and removal from the position

Diño warned Manila barangay captains for the possible removal from their position if confirmed to have permitted the illegal parking and sidewalk vending.

When someone asked if there are barangay captains who will be suspended, he said, “Definitely maraming masasampolan (many will be indicted), most especially here in Metro Manila. Not only in Manila, all over Metro Manila,” Diño said.

“‘Pag mabigat, sila ang nagpapa-illegal parking, sila ang nagko-conduct ng illegal sidewalk vendor doon sa lugar nila, hindi lang suspension kundi pagkatanggal sa kanilang pwesto,” Diño said.

(If it is serious, like they are the ones conducting illegal parking and the illegal sidewalk vending, it will not only be a suspension but removal from their position.)


Presidential directive to reclaim public roads

He asked the public to report any violations of the directive to reclaim public roads, especially along major thoroughfares and Mabuhay lanes.

Diño said that the suspension order could be implemented within a week after the announcement, noting that Barangay captains from other cities are also under observation, saying he had also received complaints from residents of Quezon City.

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The mayors’ compliance rate does not automatically apply to barangay captains 

DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya, similarly clarified that the mayors’ assessment does not apply automatically to barangay captains.

Hindi po ibig sabihin, since your LGU already passed, does not mean na ‘yung mga barangay kapitan ay lusot. Hindi po ganun,” Malaya said. (It does not mean that barangay captains are now free, if your LGU already passed, it is not so.)

Malaya referred to the case of Manila, which marked an average compliance rate but still had a lot of barangays that failed.

101 mayors and 99 barangay captains 

The agency revealed that the following updated numbers with a total of 1,516 LGUs are validated.

  • High compliance rating – from 327 to 387.
  • Medium compliance rating – from 498 to 635.
  • Low compliance rating – from 323 to 393.
  • Fails to comply – from 97 to 101.

After the further validation conducted by the DILG, a total of 101 mayors and 99 Manila barangay captains who have failed ratings are going to receive show cause orders from the agency.

The Department will wait for the response of the mayors with failed LGUs after the issuance of the show cause order.

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If found inadequate, DILG Secretary Eduardo Año will recommend the Mayors’ suspension to President Rodrigo Duterte. However, for the municipal and barangay levels, their suspension will be filed with the Ombudsman.

“Sustained operations are the key to success in the road-clearing operations. You need to exert more effort by eliciting the support of your punong barangays (barangay captains) and your constituents. But everything begins with the political will of the mayor,” Año said.

Another memorandum  circular for the clearing of secondary roads

According to Malaya, the DILG is drafting one more memorandum circular, a directive clearing of the secondary roads. Subsequent evaluations will be the basis for the new memorandum circular.

December is set to be the next validation and will be conducted quarterly afterwards until the end term of President Duterte.

Source Link: Rappler