I Spent No Single Centavo On My 2019 Senate Bid: Imee Marcos

Racking up P137.56 million in cash from contributions from supporters, Senator-elect Imee Marcos claimed she spent no single centavo for her 2019 Senate bid.

According to the Commission on Elections, she spent P132,146,754.55 million of the P137.56M in her campaign pot which means she still has P5,413,245.45 million excess campaign funds, which she can return to her contributors or keep as part of her taxable income.


Overcoming allegations

Despite of all the challenges Imee faced during her campaign such as the odds that she did not earn a college degree from Princeton University and Davao del Norte representative Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo IV saying that she wants him to fund her as a sign of his support, the senator still managed to earn over 15.8 million votes.

“Hindi. [Dalhin ko] sana, kaso gusto niya akong gumastos eh. Huwag na. Dami-daming hidden wealth niyan,” Floirendo said.

On the other hand, she had made it clear during interviews that her family would be willing to help the Duterte administration recover her family’s supposed ill-gotten wealth, if it really exists.

The Marcoses’ ill gotten wealth

Since 1987, It has been said that the Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG has retrieved a total of P171 billion from the Marcoses.

“In July 2003, The Supreme Court ruled that 10,000 victims of human rights violations during Ferdinand Marcos’ iron rule are entitled of claims from the $10 billion Swiss bank deposits, also deemed by the high court as ill-gotten.”

The Human Victims Reparation and Recognition Act made its move by mandating the Philippine government to compensate the victims of Martial Law through the Marcos Swiss deposits.

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