Imee Marcos Explains Why Sara Duterte Is The ‘Strongest’ Presidential Bid On 2022

Newly-elected senator Imee Marcos sees Sara Duterte as the surest bet on 2022 presidential election.  In an interview with ANC, she clearly states, 

“Sa akin, the strongest presidential candidate clearly for 2022 is Mayor Sara. There is no ifs and buts about it.” 

The Connection and Authenticity 

Marcos reiterates that the presidential daughter has a charm and connection with people, 

“She has the connection with the people, she has the same authenticity that we love and fell in love with President Duterte before and perhaps those who were saying that she lacks experience pero that’s quickly gained, she’s very quick.” 

Then adds, 

“she has well-developed survival instincts”

Is Imee Planning For Presidential Race? 

Sara Duterte’s party Hugpong Ng Pagbabago supported Imme Marcos on the recent election poll wherein the latter ranked 8th on the winning circle with 15,882,628 votes. 

When Imee was asked if she is interested to run for president on 2022, 

“I don’t think it’s in my mind right now. Wala sa ulo namin ‘yan eh.”

Imee shared that her late father president Ferdinand Marcos once made a cynical remark about being a senator.

“Senators conspire to become president and on occassion play golf.” 

Duterte’s Successor 

There are rumors that Inday Sara could be the president’s successor but remains diffident about her political plans. She also denies that HNP is a political vehicle for her political agendas on 2022. 

Reports came out that President Duterte warned Inday Sara that presidency will destroy her. 

Another Presidential Bet 

The 63-year old incoming senator also sees Senator Cynthia Villar as a “great” candidate for presidential race. She describes Villar as a hardworking and committed person. Villar topped the senatorial recent on the recent poll. 

Imee’s juicy interview with ANC host Karen Davila receives various opinionated comments from the netizens. She answered her alleged involvement with Trajano’s death and the mismanagement of the government during the Marcos era. 

Source: GMA News Online 

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