Is He Stepping Down? – Duterte Admits Tired of Presidency

Duterte admits deep regrets from running for 2016 presidential election, his landslide win at most. The brave and straight-forward Duterte seems to have grown tired of being the head of the state. 

In a speech before newly-elected officials, Duterte vents out his frustrations over driving off the chronic graft and corruption in the government. 

“I lost my enthusiasm to work. Actually, I deeply regretted it. I regretted my decision to run for president.” 

Tired And Unhappy 

Duterte also admits that he feels unhappy and tired of being a government official as he’s been one for a long period of time. 

“I never lost an election. So since 1988, I was rising until I became President of this Republic. But if you ask me if I’m happy now, I won’t lie. Why would I? I do not have any obligation to you to lie, to tell a lie. I’m sick and tired of this.”

The president re-accounts the time he offered to resign when high ranking officials of military and police agree that he should step down. 

A Stern Warning 

Duterte got something to say about rumors on Inday Sara’s presidential bid on 2022. He gave a stern warning to Sara on how dirty politics is. 

“That is why when people speculated Inday to run for president, I told her, ‘Don’t do it, ‘Day. You will not be able to control it. They will disrespect you, those sons of b******.” 

Next In Line 

Presidential daughter, Sara Duterte is rumored to be the next in line after her father’s reign. However, former Davao City mayor remains indecisive about her political agendas. She once said in an interview that running for a position in the government needs to be decided carefully. Sara assures to have a decision by 1st quarter of 2021. 

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