Lacson: “Duterte deserves to be president for life”

Lacson made remarks on Duterte’s promise regarding the top unsolved problems in the country: airport delayed flights and dreading traffic in EDSA. In his Twitter post, he accounts, 

“If PRRD delivers on just two promises he recently made: (1) to cut travel time from Cubao to Makati to 5 minutes within 6 months and; (2) to eliminate flight delays in NAIA within one month, for being superhuman, he deserves to be president for life.” 

A new set of promises 

Duterte reportedly made a promise to fix the traffic problem in EDSA, swears to make Makati to Cubao ride for just 5 minutes. However, he did not reiterate how he will take part in solving such long-term dilemma for Filipinos.

Major road works on the way 

On the other hand, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) backs up the president by instilling that significant projects are about to solve the worsening traffic problem. One of the road projects lined-up is the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road Project and the Metro Manila Skyway Stage which the agency believed to be the solution to the traffic decongestion. 

The MMSS elevated expressway runs for 17.38 kilometers starting from Gil Puyat, Makati to NLEX Balintawak. The skyway stage viaduct will connect the SLEX and NLEX, which targets to lessen the estimated 50,000 car routes in EDSA. 

NAIA plagues with delays and canceled flights

Duterte also took time to visit Ninoy Aquino International Airport and meet the airport officials regarding the frequent cancellations and delay of flights. He even sends his apologies to the passengers and promised to find a remedy within a month. 


Lacson, then calls the president as ‘superhuman’ if ever the two promised proposition pushed through. However, Lacson’s Twitter post stirred doubts from the meticulous netizens. Some called out the senators to support Duterte’s long overdue request to grant him emergency powers in aid of traffic solutions. Some netizens believe that Lacson’s post is just a plain sarcasm. 

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