A Simple Misunderstanding Causes this Mother to Suffer Emotional Abuse from Her Children

This episode is about a heartbroken mother who suffered cruelty from her offsprings. A mother whose only desire is to reunite with her children.

Complaining about Her Offsprings

A 43-year-old complainant, Edelyn Pureza from Bacoor Cavite went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to complain about her offsprings. She told Tulfo that her daughter Ferlyn, age 23 and her son Marvin, age 25 were being rude to her and did not treat her with respect. Unable to take any more, Mrs. Pureza decided to leave her own house.

Raffy Tulfo helped the poor broken-hearted mother to reach out and talk to her son and daughter.

The Misunderstanding

Marvin talked to them on the phone. He said that there is a misunderstanding between his mother and his sister. He voiced out that the reason for their action is because her mother brought a man with her when she came home and they felt offended by what they saw.

Mrs. Pureza cleared the issue about the man who was with her. Apparently, the man was just there to drive her to attend a hearing. The issue has finally been cleared out.

Forgiveness and Reuniting with Her Children

Mrs. Pureza’s son was willing to fix their problems. They resolved the problems through the barangay hall. Her daughter promised everything is going to be back to normal.

Mrs. Pureza finally got home and lived with them again. She was happy that she was reunited with her children. She fully gave thanks to Tulfo who helped her to solve their family issues.

Respect is an important value to give our parents. A mother cannot hate their children even if they have no respect for her. She still cares and minds her children to be in good hands. As children, we should give thanks and love our parents back. Take time to think about the years when the parents took care of their children, in return, give them respect and love that they deserve.

SOURCE: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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