Netizens Buzzing About A Kid Peddling Vegetables Notwithstanding Inclement Weather

Photos of a boy selling vegetables on the street despite unpleasant weather condition went viral soon after it had been posted on the net.

On August 24, 2019, netizen Prince Meg shared the photos of a kid vendor in a Facebook group called Batang Gapo, perhaps just to inspire people. Little did he know that his post would draw so much attention and would spread like wildfire online.

What Made The Pictures Go Viral

One of the photos showed the kid who was wearing an oversized shirt walking on the street while carrying 2 heavy baskets of vegetables. On the other photo, he was seen reaching for something inside a bag slinged around his body.

Prince Meg’s Post on Facebook

These photos alone would have been enough to catch the attention of the online community, but Meg’s caption made them even more soul-stirring.

The Story Behind The Photos

A picture paints a thousand words they say, and the words painted on these particular pictures undoubtedly touched the hearts of those who had seen Meg’s post.

According to Meg, he bought some vegetables from the kid. He said he would have bought all of them, but he only had 50 pesos in his wallet at that time. Meg purposely left the whole 50 pesos and turned his back on the kid immediately, but the kid ran after him to give him his change.

Prince Meg’s Post on Facebook

He remarked that it might have been just a small amount, but the kid chose to give it back to him still.

Netizens’ Positive Response

Netizens were immediately moved by Meg’s story of his encounter with the kid. The young boy was commended not only for his industriousness but also for his honesty and integrity.


A lot of those who commented on the post gave words of praise and encouragement to the boy. A few netizens even expressed their interest to know the boy’s identity, and others wished to extend some sort of help for the kid and his family.

Source: Batang Gapo Facebook Group

Photo via: Prince Meg’s Post on Batang Gapo