Of Men And Balls: How To Catch ‘Em All!

I know what you are thinking! Let us not delve on that ‘thing’ dangling somewhere our male friends but the ball that makes most men’s lives go around, basketball.

Basketball is life

Basketball has been a favorite pastime in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, basketball courts proliferate like mushrooms in the country. They are everywhere and most probably the happiest place for men.

If there’s one thing you should know about men, it’s their love of basketball. Women, especially at the early stage of a relationship, are baffled over men’s enthusiasm for this particular sport. Why? Because for men, basketball is life.

This is one fact that women should live with. Whether they like it or not, basketball occupies men’s time and energy. Some of them would rather be single than miss a practice game or a league. Someone even had an FB status like this: “Di bale nang walang gf, basta may basketball.”

Women are whining about the time men spent on basketball games be it on TV or not. Men may forget everything, including dates and anniversaries, but not the NBA slam dunk, championship games, rookie draft, or the next FIBA World Cup.


Catch ’em all

These are some of the grievances that women harbor over the sport that fascinated men. Ladies, don’t throw your towels yet. Basketball should not be an object of discord. In fact, women can use this instead to catch their men’s heart. Here are some tips:

Keep the ball rolling

Conversations should not be limited to house or romantic matters alone, basketball can be a part of your discourse. Try it! (Tip: You don’t have to listen all the time!)

Men talk a lot when it comes to basketball. They do not dribble with words but shoot tons of information when this subject is brought up. For them, it is a home court advantage. They know about the latest player who joins this certain team like Kahwi and PG in LA Clippers. They know the newest pair of kicks in town. Name it. They know the answers.


Game time, ‘me’ time

Women can use the time to enjoy or do something else. While men are glued on TV watching PBA/NBA games or having practice games, women can see friends or take the kids out for a quick lunch, dinner, or shopping.

Free throw

Your baller would want to see you cheer for him personally. As they say, “the greatest present is your presence.” Watch his game. One proud woman can also post updates on FB or IG regarding his game stats.

At home, watching the telly together could mean a lot to him especially when you enjoy the game, too. Less bickering over the remote control, the better.


Three points!

Speaking of present and if you are able, you can indulge your man by giving him a pair of basketball shoes, a jersey of his fave cager, or other collectibles. These gifts will score you three points!

Slam dunk showdown

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em, right KD? If you know how to play then, by all means, challenge him to a one-on-one match or join him during practice.

Teammates for life

Unlike Avengers who has an endgame, basketball has none. A man’s love for basketball will remain until old age perhaps. But don’t fret. A man who truly love will always bounce back to where his heart is. In this game we called life, it is important to have a teammate.  Teammates don’t play against each other. They play along with each other. Enjoy the game! Enjoy life!