Pacquiao Advised Poll Losers To Act Like Real Men And Accept Defeat

Senator Manny Pacquiao gave a word of advice to all the losing opposition candidates in the recently concluded midterm elections. The legendary boxer, who has seen his share of defeats not only in the boxing ring but in the political arena as well, advised the poll losers to learn to accept defeat.

Words From The Wise

Despite being an 8 division world titlist and having a successful political career, Senator Manny Pacquiao has experienced his fair share of setbacks and defeats. He was knocked out by opponents in the boxing ring, and even in his political career, he also lost in the past despite his enormous popularity.

In these setbacks and failures, Pacquiao never held his head low and was always graceful in his defeats. He acknowledged the fact that we cannot always be winners, and that there is a silver lining even during those losing times. So it basically makes him the ideal man to teach these poll losers about accepting defeat.

Accept It Like A Man

In a press conference held in Manila recently, Senator Manny gave a piece of advice to the opposition candidates who cannot seem to accept the defeat they suffered in the recently concluded midterm elections. Pacquiao said that it would be better if the poll losers would learn how to accept defeat.

“Ang advice ko sa kanila tanggapin na lang nila kung anong desisyon ng taumbayan (My advise to them is to accept the will of the people),”explained the boxer turned senator. “Kung ako sa side ko, tanggapin ko na lang kung ano yung desisyon ng taumbayan, Nung tumakbo ako natalo ako, tinanggap ko naman, eh yun ang desisyon nila,”he further added.

No Election Fraud

Pacquiao’s statement came after the opposition’s campaign manager, Kiko Pangilinan released an allegation that the delay in the transmittal of votes is a sign of cheating in the elections.


Pacquiao said that the allegations of cheating in the elections has been there for ages, but was never proven. “Dayaan? Mula noon pa, siguro, mga 30 years ko nang naririnig yan, every election may dayaan, wala namang dayaang nangyayari. Hindi lang talaga natin…ang problema dito sa atin hindi lang talaga natin kayang tanggapin na talo tayo,” Pacquiao said as he downplayed the idea of election fraud.


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