Roach Hopes For A Pacquiao-Mayweather Rematch

On Wednesday, July 10, Coach Freddie Roach said he hopes for a rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather after Pacman’s fight with Keith Thurman in Los Angeles on July 20.

Fight of the century a disappointment

It is to be recalled that a shoulder injury affected the Filipino legend’s performance which resulted in his defeat with Mayweather in 2015.


Roach said that the win over Thurman could lead to a possible rematch if Mayweather can be convinced to fight again.

“Hopefully we can get Mayweather to come to the table. I would like us to have one more crack at him.”

Pacquiao doubts a rematch

However, Pacquiao doubts the possibility of a rematch with Mayweather since the latter’s retirement. Pacquiao said he is considering ‘active fighters’.

“I’m only thinking about Thurman.”

Pacquiao’s long-time trainer told reporters the fight dubbed as the ‘Fight of the Century’ in 2015 left the boxing aficionados disappointed.

“I would like to fight us Mayweather again because I didn’t like the way we performed. I was disappointed in myself.”

Mayweather retired later that year. While Pacquaio, after a brief retirement in 2016, continued to see action in the boxing ring. This time, the 40-year-old pugilist will vie for the World Boxing Association welterweight crown with Thurman this month at the MGM Grand.

Roach’s forecast on Pacquiao-Thurman bout

Meanwhile, Thurman predicted to beat Pacquaio in less than six rounds over a quick knockout.

“I would love to be 30-0, with 23 knockouts,” he said Wednesday at his training camp in Florida.

“We’ve got 22 and we’ve held those 22 knockouts for a little too long. It’s time to get one more knockout.”

Roach, however, does not see the match with Thurman to last long.

“Thurman starts quickly but he usually fades,”

He also believes that Pacquiao’s hand speed and conditioning will give him the upper hand as the battle continues.

“I like Pacquaio in the later rounds because that’s where he usually excels.”

When asked for a prediction Roach said, “I don’t like making predictions but I don’t see this one going the distance.”

Source: ABS-CBN