Sara Duterte’s Husband, Manases Carpio Plans on Filing Charges Against Bikoy

Peter Joemel Advincula recants that the viral video series “Ang Totoong Narco-list” is orchestrated by Trillanes and Liberal party on Thursday morning. The alleged narrator called “Bikoy” now points fingers on the opposition as the mastermind of the black propaganda called Project Sodoma. This destabilization plot intends to take down president Rodrigo Duterte, his family members and close friends. 

Incoming Charges Against Bikoy 

In the press briefing at Camp Crame, Bikoy apologizes to Duterte and family for linking the latter to a huge drUg syndicate. However, Presidential daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio shared that husband Manases Carpio cannot forgive Bikoy for what happened. 

Carpio will charge against Advincula and considered as his way to protect his children. Sara claims,

“I did not intend to file cases pero nagkausap kami ng asawa ko at sabi niya hindi daw niya kayang magpatawad because he needs to protect his children.” 

She then adds, 

“Because he felt na ang pagbastos sa kaniya is mareflect sa mga anak niya kasi nakakaintindi na mga anak namin kasi nanonood na rin sila ng TV at news.”

As of now, Sara hasn’t talked to siblings Paolo Duterte and Kitty Duterte who were also dragged on the issue. 

Promises Given 

Advincula admits that he was promised with 500,000 pesos for making the videos. Along with that, he’ll be given an absolute pardon and a position in the government if ever plan of setting VP Robredo as the president became successful. 

Failure of Plans 

Trillanes and the Liberal party denies the accusations made by Bikoy and is now looking for a possibility of filing charges. The outgoing senator and a critic of Duterte assert that such move (of Bikoy) is a way to harass the opposition. 

Bikoy resurfaced due to fear for his life after he and his family receive death threats. This is in place of the alleged failed operation of the party to enter the winning circle of newly-elected senators on the recent election. 

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