Senator Lacson Concurs On Duterte’s Claim of “Massive Corruption” In PCSO

President Rodrigo Duterte recently ordered closure of PCSO Lotto Outlets due to alleged massive corruption. With the mandate of closing all the gaming operations of the said agency, Senator Panfilo Lacson concur with the president’t decision. 

Pocket Full of Gambling Collections 

According to Lacson, billions of peso goes to the pockets of PCSO officials, government, and police. In a statement, he conjures, 

“When the regular jueteng collections of at least P200 million a day or PhP73 billion a year in the NCR, CAR and Regions 1 to 5 alone translate to a mere P4 billion income for the PCSO from Small Town Lottery (STL) operations, a big chunk of which is not even in cash remittances but recorded as collectibles,” 

The senator then adds, 

“..we do not need an Albert Einstein to figure out how much goes to the individual pockets of STL franchise holders, corrupt politicians, policemen and PCSO officials,”


Lacson insists that Congress hearings are not enough to stop the massive corruption inside the organization. It will keep on and on. 

“No matter how many congressional hearings are conducted, the palms of these people continue to be greased by gambling money.”

He also disclosed details about kubradors bearing PCSO IDs to avoid police arrest.

“The fact is, illegal jueteng merely masquerades as legitimate STL operations, 7 days a week, without fail, whose “kubrador” are armed with PCSO IDs to avoid arrest by the police who may be co-opted anyways,”

PCSO Gaming Ops Stoppage 

July 26, Friday, Duterte ordered closing of all gaming operations that are subjected under PCSO franchise, permits, and licenses in lieu of corruption. In a video message aired by Presidential Communications Operations Office, Duterte announces, 

“I have today ordered the closure, the stoppage of all gaming schemes of whatever nature that got franchises to do so from PCSO. The ground is massive corruption.” 

Duterte also ordered PNP and AFP to arrest anybody engaging in any gambling activities in connection with PCSO franchises. Today, the PNP has closed 2,000 Lotto outlets.