The Dark Side Of Pinoy’s “Bahala Na” Mentality

Bahala na is a widely known phrase. Filipinos all throughout the country use this as a normal day-to-day expression. But many still argue that this mentality, if used irresponsibly, may result in lack of initiative, boldness to take action, and willingness to take the first step towards progressive change.

What is “bahala na”?

There can be a lot of meaning found on the internet about the phrase – both positive and negative. However, we will only talk about bahala na that refers to Pinoy’s fatalistic submission to predetermined destiny and the belief that we can’t effect change to our life.

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Where did the phrase “bahala na” came from?

The word bahala came from the word Bathala. The Filipinos used the term Bathala to address the Higher Being that they worshipped during pre-Spanish Period. It is also a word used until now as an equivalent term for the English word, God.

Simply put, the phrase bahala na means leaving something to the hands of Divine Being. It describes Filipinos’ faith and strong belief to the God who controls the destiny of mankind.

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Where is the downside of bahala na?

The downside of bahala na lies not with the phrase itself but with the person’s mentality, motive, and decision for action.

Let’s say a student whispering “bahala na” while taking an exam that he didn’t study even the night before. That person might think that he’s just “leaving things in the hands of God”. But he didn’t fully realize the possible consequence of his action.

An employee who earns ill-gotten money is another example. She’s able to provide for her family but often disturbed by her conscience. Thinking “bahala na” with the possibility of being caught and convicted by law.

Another possible example is a person who dreams of having a successful business. He often spends his time planning. But he always fails to take the first step due to fear of failure. He settles to passive thought, “whatever will be will be” without courage to take conscious effort.

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What’s wrong with bahala na attitude?

On the surface, use of the phrase might seem harmless. Having faith is well and good. But we should also acknowledge our part in any situation of life.

We should not be afraid to take action when action is necessary and not just wait passively thinking that things will come as it is anyway.

After all, faith with the absence of positive action can lead us nowhere.

Source: Anything Psych