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The Unfailing Love of a Mother to Her Son

Can a mother ever forget to nurse her child or feel no compassion for the infant on her womb? This simple but profound question emphasizes the natural affection that a mother has for her children. Sadly, we have heard news about mothers throwing their unborn children on the streets, and some who willingly sell their child for a few bucks. Let the touching story of Cristina Argarin inspire us as she serves as the untiring legs of her paralyzed son for over 15 years now.

The Journey

Christina and her family live in a downhill place wherein they needed to climb about 40 steeps steps to get to the road. As Juan Carlos gets older thus heavier, her younger son Paolo, had to quit from school to help her in carrying his big brother going up every day to get to the road, while her husband is working as an electrician in Taguig to care for their needs.

The Unfailing Love of a Mother to Her Son 1
Source: KMJS

Juan Carlos shows astounding determination and interest to finish his school. His situation does not paralyze him to step forward and reach his dreams. There were times when he wanted to surrender as he sees and feels the struggles of his mother in carrying him, but he didn’t. His dreams of giving a better life to his family pushed him not to yield but to keep moving.

The Struggles

She recalls, when Juan Carlos was in grade 5, they repeatedly fell down along the hill, and she said “”Sabi ko, ‘Pag pangatlong beses na nalaglag pa tayo, huwag ka nang pumasok.’ Pero nagagalit siya, ayaw niya. Basta siya, papasok siya kahit bagyo pa ‘yan, ganun siya bilang estudyante,”She added, she will do everything to support him, as long as he wants to go to school – as long that her body can still carry him. She cannot use a wheelchair since the school only has stairs.

The Unfailing Love of a Mother to Her Son 2
Source: KMJS

Cristina is now at her 55th years of age, carrying a son that is now 22 years old. As time goes by, her situation becomes more difficult because as her son gets bigger and heavier, she gets older and weaker. “May bag pa dito tapos karga ko pa siya. As in masakit sa likod, nakakangalay kasi lalo na’t ang libro niyang dala araw-araw minsan dalawa, makakapal, minsan tatlo. Lahat yun nasa bag niya, karga ko lahat yun. Karga siya, karga ko rin yung bag niya, ganun po kahirap,” she said.

The Taste of Success

They inspire others. Juan Carlos and his mom is an inspiration to everyone. His best friend Jaim who also carries him said that Juan Carlos and his mom are both an inspiration to him.”May time din po na gusto ko na din pong tumigil kasi nga po nahihirapan na din po ako at saka minsan may family problem. Pero iniisip ko na lang din po paano pala pag once na nangyari din po sa akin yung kalagayan na ganun, syempre po pipilitin ko na lang din pong pumasok kasi dahil din po kay Kuya Juan,” he said.

The Unfailing Love of a Mother to Her Son 3
Source: KMJS

They received a special honor. Juan Carlos graduated from Junior High School with a special award(Student’s Role Model), and his mom also received an award as an honor for her unfailing dedication to her son. The blessings did not stop here. Juan Carlos has a dream to become a computer engineer, and the KMJS team answered that dream. They surprised him with a scholarship grant and a job waiting after his graduation. It feels good to taste of a hard-earned success that was possible because of the unfailing love of a mother and a fighting spirit of a son.

Source: KMJS

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