Vico Sotto On Leadership: “ang magaling na leader, hindi nagtatagal sa kapangyarihan”

Vico Sotto is the new Mayor-elect of Pasig City in the recent election. The 29-year old son of Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto broke the 27-year reign of Eusebio era in Pasig.

Game Changer 

A game changer who paved the way to Pasig City Hall, Vico won the mayoral seat through an unconventional campaign. Without grand machineries and “padulas” to offer, the so-called millenial mayor became successful on his first step to achieve his dreams for the Pasigeños. 

Political Belief 

In an exclusive interview with Lei Alviz of GMA’s 24 Oras, Sotto shared his intention of not staying in power for an extended period. He claims, 

“Ako, sa tingin ko ang magaling na leader, hindi nagtatagal sa kapangyarihan.” 

He firmly believes, 

“Pinapaalala ko na sa sarili ko ito na habang matagal ka sa kapangyarihan mas nagiging mahirap. Sabi nga nila, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 

Dreams For Every Pasigeño 

Vico first enter politics in 2016 where he won as a councilor in Pasig. In a separate interview, he shared that never in his wildest dreams that he’ll enter mayoral position. It was a decision thought for a long time. Until he saw the need to step up his game. He said, 

“But I saw the need, I saw the clamor for change, and I saw that no one else was going to run for mayor. So I decided to step up.” 

Vico plans to focus on giving every Pasigeño a good life. Particularly on the less progressive side of Pasig. He intends to provide accessible healthcare for his constituents. 


In politics, no single politician pleases everyone. And by that, Vico meant to prove his doubters wrong. 

“I think it’s a challenge kasi siyempre may mga iba, pag nakitang bata, baka isipin kayang kaya ka, kaya kang diktahan, pero pag naka-trabaho naman nila ako, makikita din nila na alam ko yung ginagawa ko, alam ko.” 

Supportive Parents 

Vico’s parents fully support whatever decisions he make. They got his back to keep reminding him of one thing.  

“Si mama naman, ang payo lang sa akin, ‘wag kalimutan ang Diyos at laging magdadasal. Always have faith.” 

And his dad, Vic Sotto, advises him to always listen to his mother.

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