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Video of a Couple Rescuing a Bird goes Viral

What would it feel to rescue someone? Isn’t it refreshing to see a little act of kindness in this modern world? Isn’t it rewarding showing selfless acts of goodness to someone that needs it badly?

Are you superior?

Do you believe that humans are the most superior species on earth? Are we more powerful and entitled with much greater privileges because we are superior? How do we define superiority? Does this entitle us to not care or conquer other species on earth?

We, humans, are unique on this planet, but it would be naive to consider ourselves superior among other creatures. They have the equal right to live peacefully on earth as we do.

Isang nanghihinang ibon ang sinagip nina YouScooper Jayr Santuyo at ng kaniyang asawa kahapon ng umaga. Kwento ni Jayr, nakita niya ito sa gilid ng kalsada malapit sa kanilang bahay sa Mamatid, Cabuyao sa Laguna. Dahil hindi na gumagalaw ay inakala niyang patay na ang ibon. Pero nang kaniyang lapitan ay napansing humihinga pa ito. Agad nila itong binigyan ng tubig at binasa nang bahagya. Matapos ang ilang minuto ay nakatayo na muli ang ibon at kinalaunan ay nakalipad rin.

Posted by GMA News on Friday, April 26, 2019

Humanity Restored

This viral video was sent by Jayr Santuyo to a TV station. Jayr and his wife found a bird lying at the side of the street near their residence in Mamatid, Cabuyao Laguna. The bird was motionless when they picked it up and they thought it was dead. It wasn’t moving at all and Jayr examined it closely and tried to poke it a few times. He noticed that it is still breathing and made a few movements.

He immediately calls his wife to bring some water so they could give it to the bird. The bird is too weak to move. He gave a few drops of water to its beak and sprinkled some to its body to help the bird cool down. His wife picked up the bird and help it to get some water. After a few sips, we can see the bird has been able to get up on its own. It hops under a plant near the place trying to rest and recover its strength. After a few minutes, it regains its strength and flew off.

Video of a Couple Rescuing a Bird goes Viral 1Video of a Couple Rescuing a Bird goes Viral 2Video of a Couple Rescuing a Bird goes Viral 3

Maybe because of the rising temperature that is being felt in the country. The bird has been exhausted and cannot find a shaded place immediately. The bird was lucky to be found by the couple that is willing to help.

At this time humans have been frequently observed to be abusive towards animals. The shocking number of animal cruelty cases that are reported almost every day is evidently alarming. Some people are even entertained with intentional cruelty acts to them that some of these people even pay for it.

Make it a better place

Despite all of these terrible acts of some humans, we still can see some people that are concerned with the welfare of the animals. They even make ways to save and protect them.
This only shows that humanity is still a part of us. More people should practice it and be more compassionate towards others, not only to fellow humans but also with animals.

Jayr and his wife inspired many people through this video. This kind of videos helps restore faith in humanity these days. Let us do something to prevent animal cruelty and contribute to their well-being. We are all inhabitants of the same planet and we should make this a better place to live.


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