WARNING!!!! – “THE ATM Switching Modus Operation”

The ATM Switching Modus group is actively operating and the police warns the public to be more vigilant when withdrawing money at any ATM Machine outlet.

What and When?

The ATM Switching Modus syndicate successfully ran away after scamming thirty thousand (P30,000) pesos from an innocent victim while she was trying to withdraw at an ATM Machne inside a mall in Cagayan de Oro City last April 1, 2019.

The CCTV camera of the mall caught on how the said ATM Switching Modus group scammed the innocent victim while she was withdrawing money at the ATM Machine. She only realizes what had happened, after her sister finds out that her ATM card is different when she was trying to withdraw from another ATM Machine.

Who and How?

The innocent victim is a teacher from Cagayan de Oro City, and the said amount (30,000) is supposedly for her ovarian cancer operation. She forgot to bring her eyeglasses that makes her difficult to operate the ATM Machine. According to the report when the suspects of this ATM switching Scam noticed that she was having trouble withdrawing money, they pretended to help her.

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Based on the mall’s CCTV, the police investigators state the suspect’s modus, includes the switching of the victim’s ATM card with another without her noticing while pretending to assist her. Then one of them will memorize the PIN and use the card in withdrawing from another ATM Machine. There are also three other suspects seen serving as lookouts.

Be Alert!

The police warn the public to be more alert when withdrawing money at any ATM Machine outlet to avoid being the next victim of this heartless alerting modus operation of the said ATM Switching Scam group.

Source: Facebook

If you have difficulty in withdrawing money at the ATM Machine, the police advised “better to bring someone with you or not to go, and don’t just trust anyone who offers help. Be alert and be safe.”

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Source: ABS CBN

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