Why Did Mayor Isko Moreno Dress Up As Doctor Strange?

Mayor Isko Moreno’s pictures dressed up as Doctor Strange for his son’s 7th birthday were circulating on the Internet these past few days. The mayor-slash-dad, Isko, threw an amazing Marvel Themed birthday party for his son, Drake, that led the entire family to cosplay their favorite MCU characters.

Isko Moreno as a father


From being a busy mayor to a super hero for his son’s birthday party, it clearly showed how Mayor Isko is a father to his children. Isko confidently cosplayed Doctor Strange while her wife Diana dressed up as Captain Marvel.

Isko Moreno may be known as the mayor of Manila City, but at the end of the day, he is a father, willing to do everything and well, be anyone for his children.

Manila’s Doctor Strange

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Who would have thought that we have our own version of Doctor Strange? Mayor Isko wowed the netizens after seeing his picture as Doctor Strange. He surprisingly is as close to the character for a Filipino and seems to be a good fit.

Spiced up with greying hair, awesome costume and noticeable mustache, Mayor Isko really slayed Doctor Strange’s look.

Isko, the public figure

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Mayor Isko Moreno never failed to amuse the netizens on his different approach when it comes to leading his city. Yet, he also have time to have fun and enjoy life with his family, which is being commended by many.

Talk about being on headlines, Mayor Isko really proved that he has the charm to make the headlines whether it’s about the politics, good governance or fun moments.

Source: ABS-CBN Push

Photo via: GMA News