“You’re Doomed”, President Duterte Warned NPA Rebels

President Rodrigo Duterte once again slammed the NPA rebels, saying they were doomed because they no longer have food and was losing the race for land reform to the government.

According to Duterte, on a speech for an event in the distribution of land reform titles in Central Mindanao in General Santos City. The NPA rebels along with the drug dealers are the cause of what the president calls “Family Dysfunction”.

NPA rebels are doomed

“Whether you like it or not, you NPAs out there, you’re now headed for your doom, you don’t have food, you’re surrounded by leeches,” the president said during the event.

According to Duterte, he has been distributing land titles, unlike the NPA that promise to bring land reform but only cause the death of many people including soldiers, rebels and even civilians. The President also condemned how children were unable to see and be with their parents who have decided to join the rebel group.

“Talk to the next President.”

He announced that he will formally close the door on the possible resumption of the peace talks with the CCP. He also said that he is no longer entertaining any interventions or persuasions in this democratic state of the Republic of the Philippines. On that event, he officially announced the termination of the talks between the government peace panel and the Communist Party of the Philippines, he told them to “talk to the next President.”

He also gave orders to the military and police to “finish” the rebellion. However, rebels who will lay down their arms and surrender to the government will be given livelihood and education for their children.

Better Philippines

The netizens express their point of views, and some of them said that “Why don’t we just settle things and meet halfway so that we can spare the lives of both parties?” We are all Filipinos and we should live peacefully and cooperate with our government. Let us make this country a better place.

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