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13YO Goes Viral For Pranking Grab Food Driver Worth P2k+ Of Milk Tea

In a busy world we live in, nothing is more convenient than having your cravings delivered right at the doorstep. Aside from being the largest transportation service provider in the Philippines, Grab also offers a food delivery service wherein customers can order from their favorite restaurants. Drivers will then pick up the order and take it to the pinned location. But what if there’s no customer to receive the order?

It’s A Prank

Last June 5, 2019, a Facebook post of Ms. Junize San Diego gained the attention of many netizens. In her post, Junize shared her thoughts about the “fake booking” made by a teenager. She expressed her appreciation for delivery drivers who took orders rain or shine just to provide the utmost convenience to their customers. Junize also asked vloggers to remind viewers not to imitate their prank. Because of that fake booking, the Grab delivery man lost about ₱2,000 that he’ll supposedly spend for his baby’s milk. 

13YO Goes Viral For Pranking Grab Food Driver Worth P2k+ Of Milk Tea 1

Netizens’ Outburst

Netizens stormed the comment section by sharing their opinions regarding fake booking. Many of them asked to name the prankster while others asked Grab to compensate the delivery rider. Someone also made a comment showing that the involved part has already resolved the issue.

Not Blaming Anyone

Although Junize asked vloggers to be mindful of their words when making videos, she also assures that she has nothing against them. She clarified that the post is not about blaming vloggers but just giving a heads up for them to be cautious in what they say as it may influence their followers.

13YO Goes Viral For Pranking Grab Food Driver Worth P2k+ Of Milk Tea 2

Resolving The Conflict

After the said incident, a concerned netizen posted a picture of the copy of the written settlement between the Grab rider and the teenager’s guardian. The Grab Food driver was paid a total of ₱2,500 to compensate for the ₱2,250.00 worth of milk tea. He then agreed that issue is already resolved and there’s no further agreement needed. The original post from the rider was deleted now according to the update given by Junize. 

Lesson Learned

Despite the negative comments from various netizens, some believed that what happened was simply a lack of guidance from the guardian. In the post, Junize reminded her followers that the prankster is still a minor who may not be fully aware of the consequences of his/her action. Therefore, bombarding the teenager with harsh comments should be stopped already. She also advised not to generalize the Millenials as many of them surely won’t do the same. 


Let’s be thankful for Grab Food riders who endured the long queue only to satisfy our cravings. Milk tea anyone?

Source: Facebook

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