20-Year Old Automotive Mechanic Returns Expensive iPhone He Found Floating At Sea

The post of Mr. Giff Atienza on his Facebook page last April 20, 2019, went viral as he narrated how a 20-year old Automotive graduate returned his son’s iPhone XS Max 256 Gb and other stuff which were enclosed in a waterproof Pelican case after his son lost it at sea. The said post became one of the trending topics in social media.

Dishonesty- a cancer-like disease

We all know that honesty can be rarely found nowadays. Stealing, robbery, and other scams are the by-products of people who became accustomed to the cancer-like disease called “dishonesty”. Sometimes, due to poverty and dire circumstances, even the caring and decent individuals become vulnerable to this cancer-like disease.

In these days and times, if you have left your things unattended, or you have lost them somewhere unconsciously, or it accidentally fell and was lost in the sea like what had happened to Mr. Giff son’s Pelican Case, you might as well consider it gone, as finding it back would be next to impossible.


According to Mr. Giff, on April 14, 2019, his son Ethan was driving his Jetski at Lakawon Island, Cadiz City on their way back to Manapla when he accidentally fell and lost his Pelican Case containing his iPhone XS Max 256 GB, Powerbank, and some personal stuff. It was swept for about 50 miles by the current and was found floating by Nichol Tagudin 6 days later.

Source: Facebook

Nichol Tagudin is 20 years old, a graduate of BIT Automotive in Guimaras State University. He is a resident of BRGY. UMILIG, BUENAVISTA, Guimaras Island. He found the Pelican Case floating while they are fishing, and without any hesitation, he returned it back to the owner.

Faith in humanity restored indeed

“A person found, and return the iPhone shows uncommon dedication to honesty! Faith in humanity restored indeed!” Mr. Giff Atienza exclaimed as he was so grateful and proud to Nichol Tagudin as he shows honesty. Your school, your parents, your friends and everyone around you is very proud of you! Thank you, Nichol! He added.

Source: Facebook

As a reward for his honesty, Mr. Giff gave him 11,000 pesos and offered a job in Bacolod if he wants to. The netizens too rewarded him with compliments’ and praises on how much they admire, appreciate, and proud of the honesty he has shown.

Source: Facebook

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