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27,000 Angkas Bikers Getting Ready To Ride On Pilot Run

Angkas is preparing its 27,000 bikers in their system to fully complete the safety program by the end of June. This is in compliance with government guidelines.

Passenger safety

David Medrana, Angkas head of operations, is hopeful that all of the 27,000 Angkas drivers in their system will finish and pass the safety program by the end of June.

“Currently, we have re-trained 12,000; there is an additional 15,000 to train before we can launch the pilot,” he said.

“All of our biker-partners go through rigorous riding skills assessments, written tests, and extensive safety training to ensure they meet very high safety standards. We fail over 70 percent of applicants to make sure that only the most capable ferry passengers for Angkas,” said George Royeca, Angkas Regulatory and Public Affairs head, in a press conference in Malate last Wednesday.

Overcoming legality issues

The safety and legality of Motorcycle taxis have been a long debate for the transport authorities. DOTr has stated that RA 4136 clearly does not allow motorcycles to be classified for hire or for public utility, therefore making them illegal.

Customers of motorcycle-hailing services have been pressing the DOTr to allow their services to continue due to heavy traffic and the lack of transportation options.

But officials are expressing concerns over the safety of the passengers due to the frequent vehicular incidents involving motorcycles.

Last May, the DOTr said they issued a guideline on the pilot implementation as well as safety requirements for the drivers and operators.  The pilot operation for Metro Manila and Metro Cebu will be for a period of six months starting this June 2019.

Equipped and ready

Angkas drivers are required to wear special reflectorized vests that have the biker’s ID number. This is to show that they are officially registered bikers of Angkas and allowed to take bookings from passengers.  The special vests will also have side straps for passengers to hold on to during their trips.

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