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4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home

Flooding is a very common problem in different parts of the Philippines every year. Since the country sits across a typhoon belt, dangerous storms tend to hit the Philippine shores from July through October. In this wet season, some parts of the country are at risk of strong typhoons and flash flooding too.

4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home 1

Have you ever experienced floods in your area? If yes, these design ideas can help you flood-proof your house this Rainy Season. These flood-proofing ideas aim to lessen or avoid the impacts of flooding on structures.

1. Elevate

One of the best design ideas for a house built in a flood-prone area is to elevate it. This design is suited for people who consider building their houses in the said area. It is important to research about the flooding history of an area before you start to build your house, and make sure that you have considered elevating your home to a level higher than the height of water every rainy season in your place.

4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home 2
House and Decors

The country’s natural topography is to be in the flood zone, which is why it is very beneficial to design and build a house leveled inches above the ground. This is not suggested for those who already have built their homes unless you are willing to spend much for renovations. However, this investment is always worth making if you want to keep your family and some treasured possessions safe.

2. Barricade your home

Think of a flood wall, it is designed to contain the waters from a waterway during extreme weather events. This can also be done to flood-proof your house. It is common for flood-prone areas to have a barrier, made of earth, sandbags, concrete masonry, and even steel, as they can prevent floodwaters from entering an entire area. However, that is not a hundred percent assurance that the floodwater won’t flow inside your house.

4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home 3
PS Flood barrier

That is why you can adapt the concept of flood walls by using prefabricated concrete materials. It is like building walls around your house to prevent floodwater from coming in. It typically comes with a flood gate to allow passage. During the actual flooding, the gates must be closed and secured. Just make sure to use high-quality materials for this method to be effective in the long run.

3. Dry flood-proofing

As redundant as it may sound, dry flood-proofing is one way of securing your house on times of flooding. Dry flood-proofing is a special process that keeps the building watertight. This method can be applied to areas that the floor height is less than three feet and the walls are structurally sound enough to withstand the pressure of floodwater. Through this method, flood water touches the outside of the house but keeps the contents inside the house dry.

4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home 4
Resilient Design Institute

This method is done by sealing the walls with waterproof coatings, placing plastic sheeting around the wheel, or adding another supplemental layer of concrete or masonry. These make sure your walls are sealed from the flood water that finds its way inside your house. Homeowners may also consider sealing various openings such as sewer lines, vents, doors, and windows with sandbags and/or sealed barricade during a flood.

4. Wet flood-proofing

In contrast with the above, wet flood-proofing is a method wherein you allow the flood water to flow inside of the house and removing everything that could be damaged by the flood. This method is applicable to areas where flood reaches 3 feet and above. It is because houses start to crumble once the water reaches that level since the water pressure pushes the wall.

4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home 5
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating

There are different ways to wet flood-proof your house. One way is to place your appliances and furniture in secure areas above the ground level. This will ensure that your things are well secured when the flood water enters your house. The idea is to modify your house by elevating the things that may be damaged permanently prior to the flood so that the water will cause minimal damage.

However, the aftermath of this may seem a little tedious because it requires extensive clean-up after a flooding event. Yet, this is the most practical way of flood-proofing your house. This method must only be your last resort in flood-proofing your house because you will also deal with the ordeal and expense of clean-up after the water subside.

Brave the Storm

4 Design Ideas Guaranteed To Flood-Proof Your Home 6

With frequent downpours and flooding, it is best to consider flood-proofing your house. This way, you can ensure the security of your house and belongings even if the heavy rains and flooding arise in your area. Spending your time and money to flood-proof your house will give you comfort and assurance that you and your family are safe and sound even on rainy season.


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