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5 Substandard Vinegar Named by FDA

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will schedule an inspection on the manufacturing facilities of 5 vinegar variants after finding synthetic acetic acid in their products.


FDA is the agency responsible for inspecting and testing every food, medicine, and even tobacco product before it is released in the market to ensure the safety of the public.

5 Substandard Vinegar Named by FDA 1
Image by: ABS CBN News


After conducting a test to 39 samples of vinegar from different sources, Health Undersecretary Rolando Enrique Domingo identified the 5 brands with different expiration dates that contain synthetic acetic acid in his advisory on June 4, 2019.

According to the advisory, “Any artificial matter such as synthetic acetic acid or any cloudifying agent deems the vinegar adulterated hence, it must not be sold to the public,”

The 5 brands under hot seats are:

  1. Surebuy Cane Vinegar
  2. Tentay Pinoy Style Vinegar
  3. Tentay Premium Vinegar
  4. Tentay Vinegar Sukang Tunay Asim
  5. Chef’s Flavor Vinegar
5 Substandard Vinegar Named by FDA 2
Image by: The Filipino Times


However, FDA clarifies that “the presence of synthetic acetic acid is not a safety issue and does not pose any health risk to consumers as this only means that the vinegar is of substandard quality.”

“The presence of synthetic acid merely represents that the vinegar did not undergo fermentation, either through a slow process, quick process, or submerged culture process which is used for commercial vinegar production,” FDA added.

FDA also states that inspection to the manufacturing facilities of the 5 brands is a must to confirm whether the producers of the said brands really use synthetic acetic acid in their production.

5 Substandard Vinegar Named by FDA 3
Image by: Yelp

Be Wise

Only FDA approved products are advised to be consumed. Consumers must check the quality of every product they consume to ensure its efficiency. A wise buyer always looks not only at the price but also at the label of every commodity.

Source: ABS CBN News

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