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8th Marine Battalion For Sulu Deployment

The 8th Marine Battalion Landing Team is ready to take some action as they will be deployed in the island of Sulu as announced on Tuesday by the Philippine Marine Corps. They will be sent to give military assistance in an ongoing operation versus the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), mainly focused on neutralizing the terrorist threat.

The Battalion was originally based in Cagayan province in Northern Luzon last year. They were deployed in order to secure and protect the province and other nearby regions from New People’s Army rebels.

July 1978 was the activation of the battalion and is now led by Lt. Col. Rommel Bogñalbal.

8th Marine Battalion For Sulu Deployment 1

When Will They Be Deployed?

“The unit has been declared as “operationally ready” after months of training but as of now, no exact date and time on when they will be deployed on the island province of Sulu. It is up to the higher command from Philippine Navy and Armed Forces of the Philippines to decide”.

How Ready Are They?

“The Philippine Marine Corps has 12 battalions, all has a scheduled rotational shifting to have retraining here in Manila every 10 years. The 8th Marine Battalion Landing Team went on 9 months programs of retraining and refurbishment. They were trained to develop the required skills set then, form a team training. Their lesson learned will be reviewed then afterward giving them new sets of gear or upgraded equipment”, said by Marine Capt. Felix Serapio Jr., PMC spokesperson.

After the killing of Dutch national Ewold Horn was reported, the battalion was deployed after President Rodrigo R. Duterte and the Military leaders announced a maximum attack versus the Abu Sayyaf Group.

Armed Forces of the Philippines – Western Mindanao Command spokesperson Colonel Gerry Besana stated that “soldiers would no longer hold back in their offensiveness against the ASG”.


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