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9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is the largest province at Central Luzon. The province is known as “The Rice Granary of the Philippines” because of the biggest rice production that can be found here.


Travelers from Bulacan, Tarlac, Pampanga will pass through this one of the Arch of Nueva Ecija
9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 1  
Photo courtesy of lakbaynuevaecija.blogspot


Travelers from Manila and Bulacan will pass through this Arch of Nueva Ecija going to Gapan City9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 2Photo courtesy of


Different kinds of travelers have their own preferred tastes. For travelers who seek adventure, it is the mountains and waterfalls that they will surely enjoy. Travelers can do bungee jumping, zip line, hiking, and enjoy nature.

For travelers who seek historical places and educational tours, the perfect places are those old ancestral houses, old churches, landmarks, and monuments.


Here are the top 8 Nueva Ecija tourist destinations that travelers shouldn’t miss.


Nueva Ecija has a hidden treasure of places that is worth visiting. No wonder locals are very proud of their culture and province.


Pantabangan Dam

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 3Photo courtesy of The Bald Trekker

Municipality of Pantabangan is the 1st class municipality in the province of Nueva, Ecija. Pantabangan Dam used to be a town. The construction affected the municipality in 1971 and locals were provided new homes nearby. Pantabangan Dam is the source of hydroelectric and irrigation for locals. 

The lake is one of the well-known Sportfishing spot sites. Travelers who love fishing as a hobby this place is perfect for you.9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 4Photo courtesy of Fishing The Philippines

Some species of fish available in the waters of Pantabangan are carp, snake murrel, and tilapia. But the single most sought after fish species in Pantabangan is the largemouth bass, a common fish in the United States that was introduced to the lake only recently. –

Minalungao National Park

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 59 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 6 9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 7Photo courtesy of Minalungao National Park | Facebook

This is one of the hidden treasures of Nueva Ecija. Adventure seekers will enjoy visiting this place. Minalungao National Park offers activities for their visitors such as caving, spelunking, swimming, cliff jumping, bamboo rafting and 1000 steps to the grotto. The floating cottage is also a sight to see.

Mount 387 also known as “ Batong Amat”

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 8Photo courtesy of

Mount 387 is perfect for travelers who love hiking. The mountains will totally capture every hiker’s attention because of its similarity to “Chocolate Hills” in Bohol. Expect the beauty of nature.  Mount 387 is located at Brgy. Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija.

Casa San Miguel

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 9Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

This is a community-based art center, a perfect place for art enthusiasts. They have a museum with mixed arts and sculptures. This is also a music school. A perfect place to go for travelers who love the arts. 

This is truly one of Nueva Ecija’s most coveted treasures, the surrounding nature gives a peaceful feeling to their visitors. A place focused on helping the youth and educating them through cultural projects including arts, music and the written word.

Casa San Miguel is located at  San Antonio, Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon, 3108, Philippines


9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 10 Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


They offer delicious foods and coffee. If travelers are a food enthusiast they fit in this place. The food is surely instagramable.


9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 11 Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Gabaldon Falls

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 12Photo courtesy of

Gabaldon Falls is one of a hidden treasure that travelers may enjoy. These falls have a ten-feet body of water surrounded by the alluring and huge rock formation. The water is crystal clear and cold as ice because it comes from mother nature. This is one of the scenic spots in the Philippines.

Church of Penaranda

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 13Photo courtesy of  ~MVI~|

This is one of the historical landmarks that can be found in Nueva Ecija. The church was erected in the year 1869 by Fr. Florentino Samonte.  The construction was continued by Fr. Cadicho San Miguel in the year 1879 to 1881. Afterward, Fr. Santos Vega continued the said construction in the year 1887 to 1889.

The parochial house of bricks and wood was built by Fr. Gatode la Fuente in the year 1889 to 1891. The original thatch-roof and stone wall was built by Fr. Alvaro Callega.

PhilRice Institute

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 14Photo courtesy of PRISM on flicker

PhilRice is one of the places for educational seekers. Philippine Rice Research Institute is located at Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. A government entity attached to the Department of Agriculture for developing a modern way of techniques to produce more rice. 

They also have a museum inside their property. Exhibiting the materials that are used in farming, including machines, and a variety of seeds. Their aim is to educate the youth and give inspiration to the agricultural industry.

Crystal Wave Resort

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 15Photo courtesy of Karla Around the World

Crystal Wave Resort is located in Talavera, Nueva Ecija. A perfect place to drop by and relax. For families and friends looking for a place to relax, this is the right place. This resort is an alternative to a beach resort. They have amenities that will impress their visitors like a wave pool, kiddie pool, and Mickey Mouse inspired Olympic pool. 

Mount Kemalugong (Paasa Peak)

9 Best Tourist Spots In Nueva Ecija 16Photo courtesy of  nebmcph

Mount Kemalugong is located at Laur, Nueva Ecija. This was first explored on the 17th of January 2016 by a group of explorers named Nueva Ecija Backpackers and Mountainers Community – Exploration Team (NEBMC). They hiked the mountain at 1750+ meter high.

They explore and reach the highest peak of the mountain in Nueva Ecija and called Paasa Peak in Mount Kemalugong. Travelers who want to hike and take adventures here may need to coordinate with NEBMC and local government to be able to have the adventure of a lifetime here.

These are some places for travelers who want to visit Nueva Ecija province. There are lots of places to explore in this province. Try to connect with nature, have fun, and bond.

Share more interesting spots in Nueva Ecija for travelers who want to explore and discover the hidden beauties of the province.


SOURCE: lakbaynuevaecijaTripAdvisor




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