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A 64-Year-old Tricycle Driver, Graduates from College

A 64-years old Tricycle Driver finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of graduating from college, after he recently graduated from an Education course.

The old man’s graduation photo went viral on social media and earned a lot of reactions from netizens, inspiring young people to never give up pursuing their dreams.

Achieving his lifelong dream

Together with more than five hundred newly graduates of Western Mindanao State University Molave Campus in Zamboanga del Sur, Generito Yosores or most commonly known as Tatay Gener, graduated and earned his college degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English.

A 64-Year-old Tricycle Driver, Graduates from College 1
Source: Facebook

In a phone interview with Dr. Regina Menioria, External Studies Unit Coordinator at WMSU- Molave Campus, the Gymnasium was filled with applause and emotions as the graduates and audience went ecstatic when Tatay Gener finally go up on stage and was handed his hard-earned Diploma.

Despite the limitations

Tatay Gener impressed a lot of netizens with his determination and hard work to earn a college degree despite his financial limitations being a tricycle driver, who had to support himself in school. He would drive his tri-sikad (tricycle) during the day and would attend his classes at night.

But while a lot of people were celebrating with the achievement this old man has only dreamed of his entire life, many also criticized him thinking his degree was useless since he’s already 64 years old, less than a year before the mandatory retirement age in government service.

But Tatay Generito isn’t after finding a job as a teacher – he was only just fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Dreams are Free

In the pool of negative comments on the Facebook post by ABS-CBN News, Teacher Alfred Canete explained that Tatay Gener had been one of his students for 2 semesters – and he witnessed how determined the old man was in aiming for a degree despite his age.

He tried his best to comply with all the requirements needed for the course on his own. Tatay Gener told Teacher Alfred that due to poverty, he was not able to complete his studies, but he had always dreamed of eventually earning his degree. Which was now finally fulfilled.

According to Teacher Alfred, Tatay Generito reminds us that it is never too late to reach for our dreams. Education has no age limit and dreams are free.

Tricycle driver sa umaga, estudyante sa gabi. 'Yan si Generito Yosores, 64-anyos, at ngayo'y magtatapos na sa kursong…

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Monday, April 1, 2019

Source: Facebook

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