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A 75 Year-Old Man Goes Back To Studying And Finishes Political Science

A 75 year old Benjamin Naoe decided to go back to school to study again in a University in Dagupan City Pangasinan to take up Political science.

He is now an instant star to his classmates in their university and even in social media, because of his determination to finish his study despite his old age.

About Benjamin

He only finished first-year high school, but because he got married early, he stopped schooling, and he was forced to work in another country to provide his family’s needs.

Now that his wife passed away already and his children are all grown up and have their own family. He decided to pursue his dream to finish college and get a diploma.

A Message to the Students

For Benjamin, being a graduate from a university or any other school is really important. But he also said that even if you are graduating today and did not continue to study, you are still an uneducated person.

He said that because every day, people need to learn. And every day the world changes. Like our technologies and perspective in life.

So if the graduates will stop learning, and will just focus in finding a job. Then in the future, they might be also called an uneducated person because they are not updated about the information in all aspects of life.

Willingness is the key

According to the netizens, Benjamin’s story is inspiring to other people who loses hope to study and finish school. Many people stop going to school because of varying matters, and lose the interest to go back when they reach the golden age. Actually, most of them are shy or too lazy to study again, even though they have the ability to finish school already.

Education is really important to our lives, this is the only way to reach our dreams. Some people are successful even though they did not finish their school, but too much hard work and dedication must have to reach their goal.

Even the celebrities who did not finish their study, they are determined to study again and have a diploma. Because they said that being an artist or celebrities are not forever. So they pursue their studies for their future.


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