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A Well-Deserved 5-Star Rating For This Grab Driver With A Car Like No Other

Netizens have nothing but praises for Grab driver JP Curada Secarro whose car is complete with ‘amenities’ that he let his passengers use and abuse to their hearts’ content.

The spotlight of the online community got focused on Secarro when in August 29, a passenger (Che Rubio-Abando) posted on Facebook about how cool her ride had been that day. She recounted being the privileged passenger of a transport vehicle equipped with almost everything that commuters might need while travelling.

Anticipated All Possibilities

Commuters need not worry about anything if they ever get stuck in traffic when they happen to be Secarro’s passengers because he and his car got almost all passengers’ needs covered.

Hungry? He has food like candies, chocolates, biscuits, and bread. For passengers with food but forgot to bring drinking water, he has some of it stashed away somewhere in his car. He also has Zest-O and other carbonated beverages available. He has ketchup as well for those who has taken out some fast food but forgot the condiments.

Not feeling well? Secarro has a medicine kit that contains paracetamol, loperamide, Band-Aid, and others. He didn’t forget to pack in some plastic bags for the nauseated and drunk ones too. If his passenger wished to sleep, Secarro can provide a pillow and a blanket for additional comfort.

A Well-Deserved 5-Star Rating For This Grab Driver With A Car Like No Other 1
Che Rubio-Abando’s Facebook Post

For ladies, he has a variety of sanitary pad brands to choose from during that “time of the month”. For babies, he has some diapers available. For elderlies suffering from urinary incontinence, he has the ever-reliable arinola (chamber pot). He said he does not mind the smell at all. The only thing that he cares about is the comfort of his passengers.

Other things passengers can find in his car are toiletries like tissue, wet wipes, baby powder, etc. He even has a back scratcher if someone ever needs it.

No Additional Charges

With all the goods available on Secarro’s car, the first thing that passengers might think of is the amount of money they would have to shell out to be able to take an item or two. However, they need not worry about it at all because aside from the fare that they would need to pay for the ride, everything in this Grab driver’s car is free of charge.

A Well-Deserved 5-Star Rating For This Grab Driver With A Car Like No Other 2
Price tag image from Pixabay

Secarro is even joyfully cajoling his passengers to help themselves and take whatever they needed. He said he is just happy with what he is doing.

Unperturbed By “Looting” Passengers

Because Secarro doesn’t ask payment for the items in his car, encountering passengers who take advantage of his generosity is an inevitable thing. He shared an incident wherein his passenger had the audacity to take his stock of food and some magazines amounting to P3,000. He recalled that the passenger’s fare was only P80.

Despite that, he didn’t hold any grudge against that passenger. Secarro recounted that the said passenger thanked him after getting off the car, saying that his kids would have some food to bring to school because of the driver’s generosity.

A Well-Deserved 5-Star Rating For This Grab Driver With A Car Like No Other 3

Secarro said he had anticipated such incident beforehand and that it didn’t (and wouldn’t) faze him a bit. He further added that he is not doing all this for the money, saying that he can always earn whatever amount he is losing. He also mentioned that the foods in his car are the ones he gives away to vagabonds he occasionally encounters.

Precautionary Measures

A Well-Deserved 5-Star Rating For This Grab Driver With A Car Like No Other 4

As per Secarro’s statement, he often has drunk passengers who are mostly females. He wouldn’t want to run the risk of being accused of taking advantage of his passengers’ intoxicated state. As precautionary measures, he installed a camera in his car. This also provides extra protection and security for him and his passengers.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

A Well-Deserved 5-Star Rating For This Grab Driver With A Car Like No Other 5
Che Rubio-Abando’s Facebook Post

With the news about TNVS drivers clinging more towards the negative side, JP Secarro is like a breath of fresh air. His kindness, generosity, and selflessness help to slowly rub away the stigma attached to taxi drivers in this country and restore the commuters’ faith in public transport drivers.

Source: GMA News Facebook Page

Photo via: Che Rubio-Abando’s Facebook Post

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