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Reasons Why Aspins Are The Best Dogs Ever

On March 29,2019, Mr.Fluffy PH community group posted Joni Vergara’s entry expressing her affinity and love for her pet dog. Her dog is a mixed breed Philippine street dog also called Aspin or “Asong Pinoy”. In her story, she also expressed her support for dog adoption and the importance of having your pet humanely spayed or neutered.


Joni Vergara said that there’s a lot of upside in having Aspin dogs as pets. Aspin’s are very smart, they are tame and sweet, plus they don’t get sick easily and they have a survival instinct much better than their thoroughbred counterparts.

Joni especially stated that she adopted her Aspin when it was already 2 years old. Her dog is still just as clever and Joni is a proud Aspin owner and she proudly tells onlookers as her loyal companion follow her home.

Reasons Why Aspins Are The Best Dogs Ever 1


There is one thing about Aspins that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Aspins are least likely to get stolen because they are criticized as worthless. But you could never say useless. Street dogs have always been looked down upon by society. They are wrongly perceived to be dirty, dumb, and rabid.

Disadvantages of having an Aspin are; Aspins do not have proper documents, therefore they don’t have a lineage or bloodline proofs. They don’t sell very well and dog breeders don’t care much for mixed breeds. Besides these few cons, there’s really not much to take away from Aspins. Remember there is no such thing as a bad dog, Only bad dog owners.

An Aspin’s Purpose

Just as Ms. Joni Vergara’s testament. This subject struck a chord in this scribe’s heart. Yours truly is an avid dog lover and it started with my dog named Athena. Athena was a dog I used to jokingly say is an “Emperador” breed. Athena is the gentlest, sweetest, and smartest best paw friend I ever had. I parted ways with Athena when I moved to my college dorm, where dogs are not allowed. Athena was stressed not seeing me around and was confused with all the strange new people. She was also tied up since she was living in a crowded residential area. Her stress peaked when she was teased by naughty little kids and instinctively snagged the head of the little kid.

Reasons Why Aspins Are The Best Dogs Ever 2

Athena was properly vaccinated with her anti-rabies shots, but since us, Filipinos have our traditional ways. Athena was hauled away, decapitated and was later eaten by the healer and his cohorts. I wasn’t informed about the incident until a few months later.

I was so devastated about what happened to my best friend that till this day I kept my belief that our connection never faded. Whenever I get a new pup, I let the puppy choose me, just like how Athena chose me. Then I’m inclined to believe that they are the reincarnation of my Athena. Last year Athena came back to me, disguised as an adorable Shih Tzu, unfortunately, she also left too soon when she fell ill to parvo disease. Till this day I keep an eye and my heart open, hoping and praying that Athena comes home again.

Joni Vergara and I share the same admiration for local dogs. and we are not alone. Since Mr. Fluffy PH’s post, a whopping 900 plus responses graced the comment section. All of which are expressions of their love for their local dog best friends. Everybody shared their pictures with their loyal Aspins.

Reasons Why Aspins Are The Best Dogs Ever 3

It just shows that the fundamental element to have a good dog is humane care and a lot of Love.

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