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Australian Trash To Be Returned, Locsin Ordered

Teodoro Locsin, Jr., the country’s foreign secretary, has issued an order to expedite the return of the trash from Australia despite a company’s excuse that the trash will be used in their cement production.

Other Country’s Trash

It seemed like the country has become a favorite destination of trash from other countries. We have just returned the 69 container vans of trash from Canada last month after it was illegally shipped to Manila in 2013 and 2014.

Australian Trash To Be Returned, Locsin Ordered 1

Last May 3, 2019, 7 containers of trash from Australia arrived at the Mindanao International Container Terminal. According to a report from Inquirer, the trash contains “pieces of assorted scrap plastic, cellophane, wrappers, chunks of hard plastic, textiles, fibers, wood chips, glass cullet, stones, soil, paper and other shredded waste materials”, most of which are non-recyclable.

Lame Excuse

Cement manufacturer Holsim Philippines, Inc. explained that the trash from Australia will be used as an alternative fuel for their cement kilns but the secretary wouldn’t have cared less. His decision to return the trash to Australia is firm.

Australian Trash To Be Returned, Locsin Ordered 2

Oh, by the way, the garbage from Australia, they’re going back,too. No, I don’t give a flying f–k that it is used in making cement. If that is so, cement makers should formally import the ingredient so it goes nowhere but to their plants,” the hard hitting foreign secretary explained.

It’s Offensive

Port officials and MICT employees found out about the containers of trash after it started to give off foul odor similar to the smell of municipal waste. The palace denounced the shipments of trash to the country as “offensive”, and a sign of disrespect.

Australian Trash To Be Returned, Locsin Ordered 3

It is not only Canada and Australia who slipped a shipment of trash to our beloved nation. South Korea and HongKong is just as guilty when trash shipments were discovered last year. South Korea recalled the containers but left a few tons of garbage in Misamis Oriental. HongKong was scheduled to ship 70 containers of trash if the first container was not found.

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