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Bea’s Much-Anticipated Retaliation To Julia’s Tirade

Weeks after the online bullying accusation thrown against her by Julia Barretto, Bea Alonzo already broke her silence on social media via an Instagram post anew on Monday, August 20.

Bea's Much-Anticipated Retaliation To Julia's Tirade 1
Cosmo/Summit Media

Barretto made headlines in the past weeks after bombarding Alonzo with an Instagram post, criticizing her for the failure to keep the breakup issue with Gerald Anderson a private matter.

‘I was raised knowing that I am loved’

Instead of posting and cultivating hate culture, Alonzo posted an uplifting message on Instagram where she chose to write a message about the love of her family.

She wrote: “In the midst of my home renovation, I was going through old photos to choose what to put on our family wall when I saw this picture. I think I was one year old when this picture was taken. My mom carrying me and I had the biggest smile as I was enjoying my chocolate given to me by my lola.”

Bea's Much-Anticipated Retaliation To Julia's Tirade 2
Bea Alonzo’s Instagram

Alonzo also added that though they lived a simple life, she always felt loved. 

Simple lang ang buhay. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I was raised knowing that I am loved. Knowing this warms my heart. I hope you could see how big my smile is right now while reminiscing my childhood.😊 #OneDayAtATime,” she posted.

The Bea-Gerald Relationship

Through the years, Anderson and Alonzo have been in and out of the spotlight. In fact, the couple first dated in 2010 then broke up. They later had a ‘second chance’ last 2016 after starring together in the film, How To Be Yours.

The pair even attended the Star Magic Ball last October 2017 but five months later, on March 2018, Alonzo unfollowed Anderson and her then My Perfect You leading lady, Pia Wurtzbach.

Bea's Much-Anticipated Retaliation To Julia's Tirade 3
Cosmo/Summit Media

Rumors about their breakup started to circulate but Anderson later admitted it was a misunderstanding. After this, the couple was spotted on more kilig dates from May to September 2018.

In a guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda last October 2018, Alonzo even talked about marrying Anderson in the future. She also threw a surprise birthday celebration for Anderson last March 2019 while he (Anderson) admitted that he became a changed man because of Alonzo.

The Cryptic Posts

Last July 21, everything went downhill when Alonzo posted a mysterious message on Instagram.

The post had no photo, but the actress shared a quote saying, “You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice.” ENOUGH.”

Bea's Much-Anticipated Retaliation To Julia's Tirade 4
Bea Alonzo’s Instagram

Also, she updated her stories on the same day sharing two quotes which read: “God never wastes a hurt,” and “Something I learned about people… If they do it once, they’ll do it again.”

Ghosting Moment

Alonzo also clarified that they did not have a formal breakup; it is just that Anderson started not talking to her. Hence, the ‘ghosting’ issue.

On an interview with Anderson, he addressed the breakup issue but did not say anything about the ghosting part. He commented that they had a ‘one big fight’ that reached a point of no return.

Bea's Much-Anticipated Retaliation To Julia's Tirade 5
When in Manila

What do you think about this Bea-Gerald-Julia saga? Will Bea’s positive post on Instagram be the start of the end on this issue? We can just wait for more updates.

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