Black Pink Scam Of Shopee Outrages Filipino Fans

Many Filipino fans are fuming mad after the Shopee “Scammed” incident. They spent thousands of money in the said online retailers just have a chance to meet and greet Black Pink but Shopee failed to execute their promotional promises.


Black Pink is one of the most popular K-pop group in Asia especially here in the Philippines. Their songs are often trending worldwide.

Promotional Activity

Shopee Philippines is the official sponsor of the group’s meet and greet event. The online retailer released a promotional activity promising seats for their customers and autographs for the “top 40 spenders”. Black Pink fans abruptly grab the opportunity and spent a huge amount of money in hopes that they will be included in the top 40. Some of them recklessly spent almost one hundred thousand for the said event.

The Commotion

However, on Thursday, June 6, the day of meet-and-greet, several fans became hot under the collar as they were denied despite spending thousands just to gain score for the ticket.

According to the fans, on the day of announcing the winners, Shopee suddenly to change the mechanics and instead give the tickets to random people.

Fan’s Suspicion

Allegedly, the management just gave the tickets to “influencers” and celebrities. According to some fans, the selected winners are just trolls and newly created accounts which made the “scammed” suspicion stronger.

Shopee’s Official Statement

Shopee already released an official statement apologizing to everyone who had joined the promo. According to their statement, “All of us at Shopee would like to sincerely apologize to users and fans of Shopee and Blackpink for the issues involving the Shopee x Blackpink meet-and-greet today in Manila.

“The event fell short of the high standards that Shopee users and Blackpink fans expect, and we hear our community’s feedback loud and clear.

“Although we took immediate steps as soon as we discovered our errors to ensure the rightful winners of our contest could claim their prizes, we know that the entire process caused confusion, disappointment, and upset for many Shopee users and Blackpink fans.

“We are reaching out to all those affected by this issue, and we are also taking steps to ensure that such an incident does not occur again in the future.”

Outrageous Fans

Even after Shopee apologized, the fans did not faze and continue to express their rage and disappointment in social media. The #SHOPEESCAM is currently trending on Twitter and other social media.


Some of them even suggest boycotting the online retailer just to get even. Here are some of the tweets of fans.

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