Buboy Joined His Master

Buboy the loyal dog has forever joined his master in the afterlife. He is surely the happiest dog now. His wish to see and be with his human has finally been granted.

Buboy’s Death

Buboy died after being run over by a vehicle this Wednesday, June 12, 2019. According to a teacher at Mabalacat City College, Buboy was following a guard of the school on his way home when the loyal dog was hit by a jeepney while he is crossing the highway.

Buboy’s Story

Buboy is a stray dog that has found a family on the campus of Mabalacat City College in Pampanga. He has built an extraordinary attachment with Carmelito Marcelo, a professor on the said school. They became inseparable. They have formed a beautiful friendship.

Buboy captured the hearts of the netizen after watching the videos and photos of the dog still waiting for the professor not knowing that he is already dead. One of the students of the school was touched by the dog’s actions decided to bring him to the funeral to bid his human goodbye. The video and the story of Buboy went viral and many of the netizens sympathized with the dog’s mourning for his master.

check the story of Buboy here :

Loyal Dog Pays Last Respect to His Master

Run Free #Buboy

Animal Kingdom Foundation mourns for Buboy’s death. Such a tragic end to Buboy’s story devastated them. To honor his memories, the phrase Run Free #Buboy went viral. They also strongly urge all motorists to hit the #BrakeForAnimals. They are campaigning for a safer environment not only for humans but for animals too especially for dogs.

Buboy’s loyalty will surely be remembered. But for Buboy’s part, we can be sure that he is in a happy place now. Because Buboy is now in the place where his master is. The friendship like Buboy and Mr. Marcelino’s is really heartwarming and amazing. They are lucky to have each other and to find the kind of love they have. They will be together now forever and they will never be apart again. Buboy will surely love that.

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