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Loyal Dog Pays Last Respect to His Master

Dogs are well known for their unfailing loyalty. You can hardly think of animals that are more loyal than dogs. Many stories prove their loyalty to their owners. The most famous stories I have read is about Hachiko of Japan.

Dog and Loyalty

Hachiko is a faithful dog in Japan. His love and loyalty to his master have touched the heart of many people. Hachiko waited at the Shibuya train station until his owner returned from work every day – even after his sudden death.

Hachiko waited tirelessly for his owner for nine long years every day at the train station. People have shown much affection and admiration for Hachiko and his loyalty. They even made a statue of him in front of the same train station where he used to wait for his owner every day.

The Story of Buboy

A stray dog named Buboy was taken cared of Mr. Carmelito Marcelo, a professor at the Mabalacat City College in Pampanga. Buboy followed his master everywhere he goes inside the campus. Buboy would greet his master when he arrives at school. Buboy stays on guard on the classroom while the professor teaches his students.

At lunchtime, he would wait outside the faculty room and Sir Marcelo shares his lunch with Buboy. The professor even goes to school at weekends just to check and feed him. He would even accompany Sir Marcelino to the gate when he goes home. This has been their routine for four years. The professor and Buboy formed a beautiful friendship and strong bond. They become inseparable.

Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 1 Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 2

However, Sir Marcelino died from a heart attack last May 18, Buboy doesn’t have any idea that his master has passed away. Buboy continued to wait for him outside his faculty room for a couple of days. One of the students of Sir Marcelino has been touched by the dog’s actions and post pictures of Buboy waiting to his master to come back.

Kristina Demaflix, the student that posted Mr. Marcelo and Buboy’s story in social media, even arranges it so that Buboy would be able to go to his master’s burial. It was the first time he saw his human since he fell ill and was placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit for at least 2 weeks.

Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 3Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 4Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 5Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 6Loyal Dog Pays Last  Respect to His Master 7

Buboy’s Grief

It is painful to lose a dog. But would you even imagine how a dog would feel if they lose their humans? It would feel a thousand times more painful on their part. One photo that really broke the netizens’ heart is the photo showing Buboy standing on a chair, leaning over with both his front legs on the coffin. The dog was heartbroken. After that, he sits quietly on the side of his coffin like he was saying that he will still stay by his side. Kristina said Buboy did not want to leave Mr. Marcelino.

Finding friendship like Buboy and Mr. Marcelino is really heartwarming. They are lucky to have each other. That kind of love and loyalty is one of a kind. It is inspiring that in this modern world we can still witness unconditional love like Buboy to his beloved human.

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