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“Bye-bye Dogie Na Ba? May Chance Ba Talaga Si Marlou Sa Nalalapit Na Laban Nila Ni Dogie?”

Mobile Legends is one of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology. This game became very popular, especially to Filipinos. Most of the players of this game do live streaming in social media to share their games.

"Bye-bye Dogie Na Ba? May Chance Ba Talaga Si Marlou Sa Nalalapit Na Laban Nila Ni Dogie?" 1

An Epic Fail Battle: Huge Disappointment

One of the most anticipated events for ML enthusiasts is the showdown between two of their most popular online streamers. Dogie, a veteran gamer and coach of the Aether Main, one of the top teams in MOBA in the country will go up against Marlou Arizala, an actor and gamer who is known for his trash talking ways. He is a member of the famed PNG team.

Their rift started when Dogie saw the video of Xander Ford trash talking him and claiming that Xander is the better player and that he can beat Dogie any time of the day. Dogie was obviously triggered by Xander’s theatrics and challenged him to a match with money to gain for the eventual winner.

Video courtesy of Ace DawN

After an exchange of heated words, they have decided to set the battle on the 30th of April 2019, at exactly 7′ o clock in the evening. Both parties agreed for P100,000.00 bet. Their online battle became the most awaited showdown where online gamers, followers, and viewers all over social media marked this date on their calendars.

On the day of the event, almost 300,000 viewers waited for the battle to finally begin. But Xander Ford and team PNG failed to appear. It was a huge disappointment for all the viewers who seriously waited to watch the battle.

Video courtesy of Akosi Dogie

8th June 2019: The Real Battle Begins

Pepe Gaming, the leader of the PNG team finally met Dogie. They talked about the match and finalized the battle between the team PNG with Xander Ford, Frost and God Gaming versus team ML o Ako with Dogie.

Finally, the much-awaited battle will finally take place on the 8th of June 2019. The battle will be streamed online by Dogie.

Video courtesy of Pinas Trendvid

Xander Ford did a live stream video teasing Dogie about the upcoming match between them. Doggie watched the video of Zander Ford. Dogie is very confident in taking the victory that he vowed to stop streaming if ever he loses the battle.

Video courtesy of Akosi Dogie

Can the team of Xander Ford win this battle? Do they have a chance to make to the victory? No one knows unless the battle begins. Marked the calendar for the upcoming event battle of the PNG team vs ML o Ako team.

Source : Akosi Dogie, Pinas TrendVid

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