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DepEd Puts A Stop To School Projects Aiming For Likes And Shares

DepEd wants to put the brakes on homework and school projects wherein the grades of the students are determined on their “likes” and “shares” on social media due to concerns on cybersecurity and proper student activity evaluation.

Like-based school work and its harm

Social media has now infiltrated our educational system. Schools and teachers have started incorporating the use of social media in projects, assignments, and other school-related materials.

Homeworks are disseminated through chat and project grades are dependent on “likes” that they will earn on Facebook.

This has given rise to concerns that students are being exposed to privacy breach and possible cyberbullying.

The need for a proper platform

Deped has been mulling over the subject of banning academic institutions to cease using social media for such cases. Deped spokesperson Annalyn Sevilla has stated,” Children feel more pressured in this system of getting more likes.

It adds to the pressure, and sometimes we see this causing depression in children — comparing likes with others and they will not be satisfied.”

Deped recognizes that social media is now part and parcel of a student’s everyday life, because of this, both students and teachers should be taught the proper characteristics of a sound assessment. A grade garnered based on the number of likes it has received is not a sound assessment.

“[Banning of projects based on likes] is only half of the policy,” Sevilla added, “We have to give the sound assessment — what the basis is for a sound assessment. Half of what we’re saying is introducing the right platform.”

“DepEd is in agreement that we should teach the teachers and the students the principle of sound assessment,” Sevilla said.

Keeping the student’s welfare in mind

DepEd in coordination with DICT is currently formulating policies on cybersecurity.

Sevilla further urges that school assignments should not expose students to harm, instead, activities that are given should increase the student’s interest and productivity.


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