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Diploma -The Promise That Left Us Teary-Eyed.

They say that promises are made to be broken. For some of us, it is easy to make a promise if it’s easily reachable and also if we don’t mean to keep it. However, Reymark de Asis is different. He made a promise that seems beyond his reach and sincerely meant it.

Poverty – Motivation

There is an expression, “the rich are getting richer and the poor gets poorer because the poor always give up” – But not with Reymark de Asis. He didn’t give up. “Dapat ang kahirapan magsisilbing motivation natin na marating ang mga pangarap natin.” He said.

He is aware that their impoverished life is a big problem, but he understands that it should not be a hindrance to education or success. With his only 200 pesos budget allowance for a week, he successfully managed to finish a degree. It’s not easy to work as a houseboy – but getting a diploma is a fulfillment of my promise to my father, he said.

The Promise of a Son

“Nabulag si Papa dahil sa sakit niya. Gusto ko sana siyang ipagamot at mapadala sa ibang bansa kung magkakapera na ako. Pero first year pa lang ako pumanaw na siya. Kaya nangako ako sa kanya na tatapusin ko ang pag aaral ko. Kaya tinupad ko” said Reymark in one of his interview.

Diploma -The Promise That Left Us Teary-Eyed. 1
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Finally, Reymark de Asis earned a degree in BS Office Administration at Bacolod City Colleges, with a Presidential Medal Award, Batch 2019. Right after his graduation ceremony, he visited his father’s grave to tell him that finally, his promise is now fulfilled. It’s like saying, “here’s my diploma – I made it! we made it Pa!”…

Poverty – Disabling Dreams?

Are you one of the many Reymark de Asis who is faced with a similar predicament? – Will you prove the common expression wrong just like what de Asis did? – Will you give up or go after your dreams?

He didn’t allow poverty to consume him. He dreamt, and he worked for his dreams. He made a promise, and he kept it. Who will not be proud of having a son like Reymark de Asis?

Binatang nagtapos ng kolehiyo, inialay ang nakuhang diploma sa puntod ng ama.Matapos maka-graduate ni Reymark De Asis…

Posted by News5 Features on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Source: Facebook

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