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Do Women Carry The World In Their Bags?

Bags are essential in women’s daily lives. Bags make traveling comfy. They are fashionable, eye-catching, and make women feel good, powerful, and beautiful.

Women, bags, and their lifestyles

Bags come in various sizes. They can be handheld, strapped on the shoulder, or carried on the back. They come in different designs and colors. They can be chic, out of this world, or formal.

Bags depend on one’s lifestyle as their prices range from a hundred to hundred thousands of pesos. Nevertheless, women buy bags for two reasons: it is either according to their whims or necessities.

Do Women Carry The World In Their Bags? 1

Those who can afford to buy high-priced bags can indulge freely. Famous personalities even have collections of expensive bags. Boxing champ’s wife Jinkee Pacquiao is one example. She is a proud owner of numerous Hermes bags. She also had one of her bags designed by Heart Evangelista who is also known for her classy and pricey bag collections.

There are practical and economical bags too mostly owned by ordinary women who buy them as they are needed, not as they are wanted.

Women despite their interest to accumulate bags either for collection or everyday use just don’t buy bags because they are trendy. Women also look for quality. 

Quality bags are worth every penny since they are durable and long-lasting.

Most women on the hunt for cheap or quality bags even join watch parties on Facebook just to see what’s new and hot when it comes to the world of bags. Who can resist buying them when they are on sale online or even in department stores?

Bags for all occasions

Expensive or not, bags are an important part of women’s daily routine. Near or far, wherever a woman goes, a bag is part of her get up, depending on occasions.

For everyday use or nearby trips to school, grocery stores, or malls a small sling bag is practical. Baby powder, comb, wallet, house keys, and cellphone can be squeezed there altogether.

For women who belong to the working force, messenger bags, backpacks, or shoulder bags are functional because of their multiple compartments. They can house women’s stuff from a bottle of cologne or perfume, a lipstick, a face powder, alcohol, tissue, sanitary napkin, fan, and yes even an umbrella.

For formal occasions, a shoulder bag or a purse will do. Women accentuate their attire with bags particularly bought for such occasions. Awards nights are a good display of how gowns and bags are mixed and matched together.

Like true girl scouts

Men may not understand women for their love of bags the same way women don’t understand their love of sports, cars, basketball shoes, or wristwatches. Both sexes agree on this.

In addition, men are also puzzled by the contents of women’s bags as they contain all sort of articles you’ll find useful as the need arises.

Ask a woman a  tissue, no problem you can have it in no time. If you’re hungry, they can nurture you with a soda cracker or a sandwich on the go. If you have a headache, there’s always paracetamol tablets at hand. Do you need a sewing kit or a pin or a tape measure?

In case of emergencies, their bags are life-savers too.

Women’s bags are indeed full of surprises! Like a true girl scout, women are always prepared. Just look at their bags to find out.

Yes, you can say that women carry the world in their bags. As such, they are always on the go. Every day, wherever they go, they are always ready to face the world!

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