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Do Women Have Expiry Dates?

Living in the 21st century where gender equality is a big thing, it’s hard to admit that there are still societal pressure against women whether it’s in the workplace or in the dating world.

Unlike the traditional view of women staying in the house primarily responsible for raising kids and serving their husbands, many women around the world are now striving and empowered in their careers.

But why are women still seen as perishable items even in this modern world?

The Pressure

Do Women Have Expiry Dates? 1

Men’s prime age is defined as “when they have achieved a good career” (54%) while women “when they are most physically attractive” (59%)    across respondents.

-SKII expiration date survey

Whenever a woman reaches 30, a conservative curtain falls. At every social gathering, women are confronted with one silent question: When will you settle down? 

Although men insists on their own male freedom expiration destination, in other words – marriage, women still claim that they are bombarded with more pressure especially when it comes to marriage, age, appearance and careers.

Aside from that, many feel the pressure to have slim waists, pretty faces, big boobs, thick bums while at the same time be brilliant, fashionable, feminine, kind, independent, gentle, strong, conservative, successful and of course a good cook, can take care of kids well and able to manage all house chores!

Society rewards women according to appearance that attractiveness seems like a source of power nowadays.

And when a woman hits 30, the Carousel Ride ends.

The Age Trap

Do Women Have Expiry Dates? 2

Almost all, if not all, can feel the pressure of societal standards nowadays. Not only for women but also for men. After all, It is the age of age pressure!

With the booming technology and the use of numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more, it’s no surprise that people couldn’t help comparing their lives to their friends and relatives who are seemingly living perfect lives.

However, let us note that there are usually unsung truths behind the beautiful pictures. Beauty, success and even our lives are fleeting. Perfection is just a product of imagination.

Life is not all about being the best – who has the latest car, who bought a new house, who just got married, who has just given birth, who got a promotion, who opened a new business.

Life is all about individuality. Our uniqueness and our freedom. Freedom to explore and decide for ourselves without caring much about the judgement from others.

Freedom to choose who want to be regardless of age or gender.

Let us move towards society where a person’s worth is not defined by age!

Because at the end of the day, it is our life. Not theirs.

Here’s a video from Jenn Im about this topic:

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